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Vienna the alternative capital of Europe!

Vienna has so much to offer… fantastic classic operas, vineyards and the Vienna Woods, monuments over hundreds of years old, imperial palaces, chic restaurants and shiny five star hotels, lots of history and unique culture..

…but is this all?

Yes over sea we are famous for The Sound of Music (although the majority of the young population never had seen this musical..), Mozart, Schnitzel, Arnold Schwarzenegger   and Hitler…

…but this is still not Vienna, at least not for real locals, or better say the new generation which is now in it’s 20-30tees.

They know you can find unique street art next to the super chilled daube canal, while having the greatest Klimt collection only 15min away. You also can join the biggest Free open air festival in Europe (Donau Insel Fest – Danube Island Festival) while swimming in the new daube with a cold blond beer (Kühles Blondes – Ottakringer).

What if I say you can go to a free rave in the Viennese Prater on a beautiful Sunday noon, take free City bike to center of Vienna, join a Free Alternative Walking Tour, get Free insider tips of what the real local life looks like and then swim in one of many free lakes in the middle of the city and enjoy the sunset from Kahlenberg ( Vienna Mountains), where you can cruise super fast down hill by Kickbike to the wine tavern to taste probably  one of the best young white wines (Grüner Veltliner) you ever tried!

You wouldn’t believe how much the city with the best living quality in the World (since 7 years in a row) can offer!

Now you think “How should I all plan this and find  the hidden spots”

This is why we founded Prime Tours – We want you to become a local for (minimum) a day!

Dive with us into culture, explore the city on an unique way you never did before. Become friends with our guides and guests and don’t limit you self with the classic “I get it everywhere the same tour”

Through away everything you know about Vienna and let us show you the city how it really is!

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