Prime Rooms’ Closing Party

The final party of Prime Rooms – the best Hostel in Vienna!

I barley can’t believe that 3 years have past. I think I speak for everyone who was involved in this very successful project, that these were the best 3 years of our lives!

But don’t worry, new projects are already in planning and soon we will open our doors at a different location with even higher standards (yes this possible). But before the new journey begins we have to celebrate appropriate the End of a unique Hostel concept in Vienna!

Prepare yourself for a crazy night with a lot surprises, great drinks, finest techno music, food, a tombola, games, party people and lot more!


Don’t worry about drinks, we will supply you with all you need!

We kindly ask for a donation of 2€/drink (Beer, Spritzer, Long drinks, Shots)
If you like to donate more because you love our concept, you can do that at the beginning or transfer it online to our account.

The money will be used for the renovation and painting of the house!


DJ Line Up will be published soon:

be prepared for sick artists!


Special thanks to following people, without you I wouldn’t be where I am today (names appear in chronological order):

My father – Karl Heinz Sengwein: I couldn’t have started Prime Rooms without my trip to South America, your starting loan and the possibilty to rent out your house.

My mother & grandmonther – Claudia Sengwein: Where critcal too but also very emotional suportive in stressed situation, what kept me doing what I was doing with proud!

My brother – Dominik Sengwein: Was very scepitcal from the first minute on and dind’t believe in the beginning it would work out. Now he is convinced and supportive that the concept has big potential. His critcal point of view gave me always a second thought of decision making. Now we make business together.

One of my best & longest friends- Konstantin Sieghart: You calculated with me 3 years ago the business plan. We were making fun of how redicilous this idea actually is! You helped out where you could and dind’t ask nothing in return for!

1st volunteer – Konstantin Zelenihin: You saved my ass after 4 month working completly alone. Your English was not the best, but that didn’t matter. We worked really hard and you helped me until spring as much as you could!

King Salomon Junior (very close friend) – Salomon Batamak:
You were at the first second you heard about this project convinced and very supported, you helped me through one of my best summers I ever had. You always believe on me (you still do). No matter what I did. You treat me with big respect and honor my opinion. I am sure we will make in Colombia business together!

Lovely Mikle – Michael Roe: You suddenly were part of my live. Helped us out, you still helping out. You are one of the most loyal persons I ever met. I really appricate that and your friendship. I hope you will play a part at the nex project too.

Helping best friends – Verena Windisch, Stefan Lenger, Lukas Markusich, Niko Matejka, KonstEy Koarl: You were always very supportive, believed in me and my dreams, helped out after one year when I wnated to go on vaction. Never missed a party and created in the early days a homy feeling in the house.

The wise Italian – Francesco Galzio: You thought me how to keep coolin stressed situation. Also you gave me the desire to expand to South America. I really hope we are gonna make business soon together.

The Hostel Mama No. 1 – Ni Na: Without you I never could have made the step to move out of the house to concentrate on new Projects (Free Walking Tours Vienna – Prime Tours) and my studies. You manged the hostel as it would be yours. You always wanted the best for me and Prime Rooms. That is why I really respect what you are doing and taking happy an advice of yours!

Great volunteer No. 2 – Fortunato Neto: Without you I would have survied the 2nd Christmas. the house were full and you were working like a mosnter. You didn’t need a dishwaser you were the dishwasher. We manged the Hostel only we 2 of us! I hope you will soon open a Hostel in Brazil (named Prime Rooms, we need to creat an international brand 😉 ) Sad that you won’t come to the party.

Great volunteer No. 3 – Ricardo Matheus: I never met a person with a greater heart than you! You really love People and you do everything to make someone else happy even if you are not! Other people always come first! You rocked the hous as hell, we had great reviews, good parties and always a clean house. You came even a second time to support me. I know I always can count on you. I really miss your happy optimistic mood around here. Hope to see you soon made!

Best, longest buddy & business partner – Tobias Tom: You always supported my dreams, maybe because we simply shared the same ones. You made with me the next step and open up the second business (Free Walking Tours Vienna – Prime Tours). We were flatmates and experienced up and downs but we never let each other down, even in the worst times. I guess this is real friendship if you stay loyal to your friends even it is hard or the times are bad. I know we will always sort everything out and find the best solution in private or business. Enjoy your time in Mexico and come back with new ideas!

My lovely girlfriend and best friend – Kamilla Réti: In the moment we’ve met you knew with what a crazy guy you are going to dealing with, but you didn’t turned back, even when I had to work hard and had no time for you, you where there. When I didn’t see the lights at the end of the tunnel, you were there. You supported any crazy Idea I had since the first moment we have met. I can’t imagine I live without you and looking forward to opening up the best hostel in the world with you in Colombia!
You make me truly a better person and never stopped me if something sounded crazy or unreachable, instead you told me to go for it and get it! This is why I love you!

Hostel Mama No. 2 – Giorgia Di Bello: I will never forget your cooking skills! There was always soemthing delicious to eat. You managed the hous like a pro, even your were unexperienced! You were very responsible about everything and took you job superserious. You are so warm hearted and loyal. I am so sure you will find your way in live and I hope we will meet in the next hostel!

Great Volunteer No. 4 – Fernando Cianci: I never thought you would stay so long and be so helpful. You learned a lot at the time of Prime Rooms and you manage the house if you would be doing this since ever! You became a real buddy and I am very thankful that I have you here as my right arm. I really thing we are going to continue to work together. Never give up your dreams and do what you like to do.

Tech Support & Man behind – Gregor Trinko: You created my first website (also the second). Only because of your friendly price I could afford a website, flyers and the supper cool Freddy Logo which is now on my body forever. I hope our friendship & partnership will last very long. I never met a more cheerful tech geek than you. Keep on doing what you are doing, but please keep to our time lines in future. 😛

Facility Manager (best guest ever) – Mitu HD: You are the longest guest in Prime Rooms and where always supportive, doesn’t matter if it was for changing some light bulbs, fixing the washing machine or driving us around for shopping goods. I kind of gonna miss you. I hope I will soon open another hostel, so you could move in. No worries you will get a very nice room! 😉

For sure I want to thank all of the volunteers who ever helped out at Prime Rooms, your work was truely important, then without you I couldn’t care about all the projects going on. Thank you for saving my time and providing a good service, also when it was not always easy.

Of course there are plenty more people I want to thank, but the best way is you come to the final party and I can tell you in person!

Thank you for the best experience in my life. I will never forget you!

… and now let’s have a fucking great party together!


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