Free Walking Tour Vienna

Safe and sound through Vienna!

Our V-Town is one of the safest cities on the world! But it is still a city and a lot of people feel insecure to wander around alone or to use public transportation at night.

Here are my best security tips, so that you can enjoy your stay with us!

Less is more!

Having a lot of luggage in the inner city isn’t doing you good! You will stand out as a tourist and thieves have it easier to take your things and run!

“Your ID please!”

Be careful! You are not familiar with the police here, it could be a scam! Also there is no ID card obligatory in Austria, so it’s enough if one of you has a passport with the group! If you are alone, take a copy of all your documents with you and leave the others at your sleeping place.

Let’s take a cab!

First of…remember the cab number of your driver in case something happens!

He looks shady? Take the next one! Even if there is an unwritten rule of taking the first one, it’s not strict or a must in Vienna.

Traveling alone as a girl? NEVER, EVER, sit BESIDES the cab driver! NEVER! Most drivers are take their job seriously, but it’s about your safety and you already left your comfort zone by traveling alone! There is NO rule or law like “You must sit in the front!”. Because cab drivers also can get robbed easily!

So relax, take a cab, sit in the back!

“Damn it! No money left…”

You want to use our eco-friendly public transportation system? Get yourself informed about the trams, buses and subways over the DAY at your sleeping place, on the www.wienerlinien.at website or at an information point of our so loved “Öffis”!


Even as local you can sometimes get the creeps in a city! Take a seat near the tram or bus driver! There are different apps that fake a call or call a friend when you hop out at your stop. Most times it is even enough to pretend that you are on your phone!

Riding the subway means sitting near the driver isn’t really a protection…stay woke, don’t listen to music and of course see the signs! You can change waggon if someone gets too close and try to sit in the middle of the waggon, so that if something might happen someone can still see it and help you!

With this knowledge, it is almost impossible to get in dangerous situations while moving through Vienna! So relax and enjoy it!


Greetings your Local, Salomon!