Oh, Tannenbaum! Oh, Tannenbaum…!

Oh, Tannenbaum! Oh, Tannenbaum…! Wie grün sind deine Blätter!


Christmas time is coming, the first snow has fallen and Santa is probably already checking his list for the first time.

So get your warmest clothes out and explore my must does on Christkindl markets!


[Wait…Christkindl? Yes! Christkindl! Before Coca Cola invented Santa, we Austrians told the folk legend of the Christkind. It is a blond child, which brings gifts without being seen. You can find out more about it in the link below (EN)!]


Mulled wine or in German: Glühwein. The red one! No punch, not the white one…red mulled wine!


Tiroler Speckspätzle!

They taste the best on the market!(or made by a tyrolian mother)


Candied peanuts! Sugar…and peanuts…do I have to write more?


Kokosbussal! A very popular coconut cookie.Self made and sweet goodness of coconot kiss.


Playing with wooden toys!

In almost every market you will find a stand with wooden dolls, cars, trains and other fun stuff! Well, you could say it’s for children? But grown ups are still the one with money!

by Salomon Jr.