Free Walking Tour Vienna

Free Walking Tour Vienna

Did you know that about tours in Vienna?

Every person in Austria, who wants to guide a historical tour, does not matter if free or paid, need to have a state licenses to do so. 

This licenses is a quality symbol, so that every tourist can be ensured to get only high quality and more importantly correct facts of the history of Austria and it capital Vienna. 

So all our Prime Tours Vienna Guides are also poses this guiding licenses.

The 1st Free Walking Tour Vienna

Winter arrived in Vienna and is more than cold on the Free Walking Tour Vienna. But especially during this season it makes a lot of fun to explore the city on our free walking tour in Vienna. Due to less tourists it is easier to walk through the city. Our local and licensed guides are very motivated and keen to provide the best service during this cold season.

Did you know that Prime Tours Vienna was the first company in Vienna what organized the first Free Walking Tour Vienna in 2016. Two backpacker came to the conclusion that Vienna needs a free city tour as one of the most important capitals in Europe!

Since than over 40.000 people joined our Free Walking Tour Vienna and they still do. Since than more and more free tour companies took a foothold in Vienna in order to offer as well free walking tours in Vienna. But we all know there can be only on free tour which is the original one in a city.

And in Vienna – Prime Tours is the number one Free Walking Tour Vienna in English and Spanish.

We offer also alternative free walking tours, street art tours and kick bike tours in Vienna!

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Free Walking Tour Vienna
Free Walking Tour Vienna