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Free Walking Tour Salzburg

Prime Tours would like to operate soon the popular Free Tours and other special Tours in Salzburg, therefore we would like to know if you are going to travel to Salzburg soon or if you already had been to Salzburg! 

free walking tour

10 reasons why we love Salzburg:

  1. The food is super nice and you will taste a difference to Vienna, we will show you the best places!
  2. The city is so charming and walkable. You will have the option of so many photograph perspective.
  3. The people are super friendly and will help you around!
  4. It is the city of Mozart, you should know from where this genius came from.
  5. It is so Green around there, you can hike in the derby mountains or have a swim a surrounding lakes!
  6. So Many Outdoor activities are waiting for you! For example you can rent our Kick Bikes!
  7. It is the a hipster haven, so many cool and alternative shops for you hipster needs!
  8. So many awesome coffee house which surf wonderful hot drinks and cakes!
  9. The Bars, the music and the nightlife is a must do in Salzburg!
  10. Salzburg is a very good Stop to continue your journey to Germany or other parts of Austria