Little Throwback in Time 

The history of the famous ‘Wiener Naschmarkt’ reaches back to the 16thcentury. Back then private little sellers used the space as a trade place for milk and other fresh dairy products. Neither the products sold nor the looks and size of it are comparable to what the market is today. Simple wooden tables where used as selling platforms and it was fairly small. At that time the market was still known as ‘Kärntnertormarkt’, it was not until 1905 that the market name changed to ‘Naschmarkt’. In that time, it had already grown in size and involved into a fruit and vegetable market with proper wooden stands (picture below) that where put up in rows. In 1910 standardized stalls where designed and built, that’s where it came already closer to the design we find there today. The latest bigger renovation and modernization of the market happened in the 1980, though the nature of the original design (1910) was mainly maintained.

Away from History, What’s Up Now?

The market is roughly split into two isles. On one side (left one coming from the inner city) you will find yourself in a setting of a market in the ‘traditional sense’, where a variety of different delicious, well-smelling food products are sold and bought. That is also where you will find different takeaway and street foods, which you can enjoy while strolling around the market and checking everything out. In the other isle (right one coming from the inner city) you will find a bunch of sweet little restaurants and bars, with a lot of seating possibilities inside and out. Good news for travellers in colder seasons most of the terraces are heated and blankets are provided, so you can enjoy your food and drinks outside all year round ;). The isles are also connected in-between the stalls, so you can zickzack across the market however you like and follow your personal vibe-detector.

Fruit, Streetfood and all that Jazz…

The ‘Naschmarkt’ is known for its brought culinary offer like fresh tropical and local fruits and vegetables, cheese, fish, meats, fresh and dried herbs, spices, flower, special oils and jams,… you get the picture, it’s quite a bit. In between all these stalls there is stalls that sell readymade foods and street food, most of these stalls sell Turkish delights, like falafel with humus, or different finger foods with cheese, vegetables and olives and much more. 

The special flair of the market is really its internationality. The combination of great smells, colors and sellers calling you to sample their food gives the market a southern European or oriental touch, which is super charming. Just note to get there in the morning during the summer months, before it gets crowded by tourists around midday, so you can have the real experience.

Have a set, Eat, Drink and simply Enjoy

In oppose to the shopping isle, the isle on the right side of the market (coming from the first district) there are cafes, delis, restaurants and bars. Going into the isle there are a lot of posh bars serving champagne, oysters and other rather pricy delights, these are followed by commercialized restaurants (Pizzerias, Asian restaurants,…) that we like to call ‘tourist traps’ but just moving a bit further down you will find the hot spot which is very popular amongst the Viennese. Here we like to meet up to have brunch, lunch, dinner or just some nice after work drinks. It’s mostly delis with different international cuisines. There are some that offer traditional Austrian cuisine, but also the Turkish, Israeli, Asian, oriental and other cuisines are represented, there is really something for every taste. From Morning till late there is a great atmosphere in this sector of the market so step by, have a seat, eat, drink, and enjoy whenever you find time.


Where to find the Prime -Spot Naschmarkt ?

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