Top 5 Cafés in the Hip 7th District of Vienna

The 7th district is one of Vienna’s most hip, young and original hotspots. It’s perfect for walking around and explore little shops, sweet streets, terraces and cafés. It is a student-hood and more and more young families are building their base there. The district is vibing from its relaxing flair and even though the first district is very close it is still a place of the locals and less visited by tourists. Many things change over time, but Viennese lovveee their coffee house traditions and that’s a fact for young and old, thin and thick and black and white. We picked out our 5 favourite hip Cafés in ‘Neubau’ (The 7th district) for you to check out and hang with the Viennese!

1. Cake, Coffee, Vintage shopping anyone? – Burggasse 24

The concept of ‘Burggasse 24’ is super cool, it’s a café and a vintage store at once. So, especially if you are into fashion and no waste fashion this is your place! The interior of the café spreads living room vibes and creates a great atmosphere to hang out, drink something, maybe enjoy a nice piece of their cakes, chat, or just sit down and people-watch. In colder months they put on their giant fire place which fills the rooms with comfortable warmth and as soon as it starts to get warmer and the sun comes out they open their terrace right in front of the entrance. The terrace is spacy and surrounded by trees and plants, which makes it cozy and easy to enjoy your food and beverage.

The vintage store is directly next to the café and is accessible from there, as well as from the outside. It is focused on high end vintage, meaning that they have a lot of pieces that are sold right after fashion shootings, which are a bit pricier but super fun and funky. They do have a lot of affordable men and women’s ware too, from casual to medium casual to fancy but definitely worth a stroll-through!

2. Espresso – but that’s not the only beverage on the menu…

‘Espresso’ is always a nice go-to in summer and in winter. It’s a pretty small café with an inviting atmosphere. The red furniture and the bar throw us back to the 70s and are surrounded by cool details.

The terrace in the front of the café is elevated right next to the side walk and invites to sit down and have a drink, especially in warm summer nights when the light chains do their magic.

3. Sweet little square, a church and ‘Erich’

The special thing about the ‘Erich’ is really its outside space, since it is imbedded between the pretty St. Ulrich’s Church and small little old buildings. The terrace is big, decorated with lamps – blankets and warming-lamps are also provided, so one can sit outside almost all year round. Perfect for bunches! Inside the ‘Erich’ is pretty tiny, the interior is tasteful and simple in black and gold, but really rather attracts for a night drink.

P.s.: a little tip for summer and spring, right next to the ‘Erich’ there is a great Vegan Ice Cream shop called ‘Veganista’…. Mhhh! Check it out if you have time! 😉

4. Café Europa – Great Flair in the Evenings

‘Café Europa’ has been existing for many years and was a popular café/bar for the baby boomer generation already. Its flair is something between trashy and elegant, so really 80s Viennese. One wall is painted in a deep blue and covered by designer lamps, the other wall is covered by event posters layered on top of each other. Similar to the ‘Espresso’ the furniture and decorations have a touch of the 70s. It does have a little terrace in the front in summer too, but we recommend going there for a drink in the late afternoon or evening, that is where the atmosphere is the best in our opinion.

5. Liebling = Darling

 ‘Liebling’ meaning ‘darling’ or ‘sweetheart’ in German meets its name’s expectations. The style goes into the direction grandmas living room with a strong alternative touch, but at the same time it is not definable at all. There is barely a chair design that you would not find there. The chairs in different colors, forms and formats somehow make your stay there entertaining and makes you enjoy your coffee and cake even more. And also, the staff is always really nice and welcoming.