Prime Tours Goes Salzburg!!!

Yayyy, we are excited to announce that we are touring our Free Walking Tour in Salzburg from 1st of April 2019 on too! We will be working with licensed Austria Guides to make your Salzburg experience a quality experience loaded with the best fun facts, interesting stories and of course we want you to discover the pure beauty of the city landscape of Mozart’s birth town together with us.


A little Salzburg Sneak Peek

Salzburg is Austria’s fourth-largest city with the population of 150 thousand people. The city is imbedded in the northern Alps and is split by the Salzach river, which creates the most scenic picture in combination with its medieval and baroque architecture.

Mozart and the City…

No stilettos or fancy skirts but loads and loads of rich history and good stories. As you might know the most famous composer of all time was born in Salzburg. Little Mozart started to compose and play several instruments at the age where some of us were still sucking our thumbs. He was already a legend at the age of six and left his mark worldwide, though Salzburg is the place where you can get the closest to him, especially with the repertoire of stories and fun facts our guides have ready for you. Behind every genius there is a little freak and Mozart was no exception.

                     The House where little Mozart took his first breath on the third floor on 27th of January 1756.

                   In the big cathedral in the middle Mozart got baptised. Just one of 27 churches in Salzburg!

Ready to get lost in Little Streets and Passages?

Salzburg’s city centre is full of little streets that are ready to be discovered by you. The main street ‘Getreidegasse’ provides passages to its left and right where you find little shops and cafés but also off the main streets and the city centre there are loads of non-touristic little corners and passages, that we encourage you to explore!

The Castle to our Salt…

The name Salzburg literally means ‘Salt Castle’. Its name comes from the ships carrying salt on the river from the salt mines in the surroundings and ‘Hohensalzburg Fortress’, the city’s fortress. It was built in 1077 by Archbishop Gebhard. With a length of 250 m (820 ft) and a width of 150 m (490ft) it is one of Europe’s largest castles.

Tagesausflug ab Wien - Salzburg

Because Food is always Major!

Salzburg is a great culinary hotspot for traditional Austrian Cuisine and offers a variety of Austria’s most delicious delights. The multiple restaurants have spacious terraces and beer gardens. One of these beer gardens is even Austrian’s number one in size! Also Austria’s coffee and pastry culture is phenomenally represented in the city of Salzburg with its numerous coffee houses. Some are tiny and well hidden, so watch out  …or ask our guides, they know best anyways ;).

                                        Prime Tours Co-Founder Tobias all excited about the Food. 🙂

So guys, we are excited to see you in Salzburg and give you the real deal and a greater insight into the beautiful city of Salzburg! See you later alligator!

Yours Prime-Tours-Team. <3