Best affordable Restaurants offering typical Viennese Cuisine

Brandstetter – 17thDistrict

This restaurant has been existing for years and years already and to be honest it was not any good. About a year ago though it changed owner, which not many people know, and the quality went up a hundred percent. It is a little far off from the center (about 15 minutes) but if you want to taste authentic Austrian Cuisine this is our secret tip for you guys! A real insider!

Gasthaus Quell – 15thDistrict

‘Gasthaus Quell’ is a traditional family business of second generation. Mr. Quell Junior (called: ‘der Poldi’) is around almost every day to interact with the guests. It is located in the heart of the 15thdistrict in Vienna and is known for Vienna’s best Goulash. Though their offer is brought and full of traditional dishes!

Blunzenstricker – 16thDistrict

Ever heard from black pudding or blood sausage? Does not sound very delighting, we know, but, fun fact, IT IS! Also, it is a specialty in our cuisine and tastes great! Of course, there is also other traditional food on ‘Blunzenstricker’s’ menu, but we really recommend the ‘Blunzen’ (blood sausage in Viennese). If you are a desert person definitely try their ’Mohr im Hemd’ too, it is a fluffy chocolate cake with hot chocolate sauce in the middle with whipped cream around it, delicious!!!

Das Orange – 4thDistrict

Now ‘Das Orange’ is closer to the center again and they offer a variety of food from all over Austria. We recommend to eat the ‘Schweinsbraten’ (pork joint) there, they do such a great job with it!

Am Nordpol – 2ndDistrict

Last but not least ‘Am Nordpol’ a cozy restaurant (or ‘Wirtshaus’ how we Viennese people call it). It has a great ambience and their cuisine has to offer a lot of traditional delights. They focus on the bohemian cuisine, which had a major influence in Austrian and Viennese cuisine. Really nice too!