Vienna under the Nazi Regime

Around 80 years ago the whole world stopped somehow, consciousness went under all levels and terror fulfilled everyday reality. The black veil of WW2 covered whole Europe. Among all the countries that were involved, Austria was on the wrong side. Through a forced and made up process, Germany claimed Austria as a sister country, Adolf Hitler marched in Vienna and his ideology took control.

Did you know that Vienna has 3 twin defence tower build in the middle of the city? Fun fact, none of these towers did ever shoot any enemy airplane!

For ordinary people, that was the time of silence, time of control and limited freedom. Vienna as the capital was suffering under this regime. If the streets could talk, they would tell endless stories about experiences that were happening right there, in the city center. The same streets where we nowadays walk, sit and enjoy during Sunday afternoon, have witnessed terror and fear that was fulfilling reality.

As a born Austrian, Adolf Hitler had an important role for the country and its cities in his idea of building “Third Reich”. Vienna as capital had its purpose. Just there, from the balcony of the Austrian National Library, he started the story that marked the history of humanity.

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