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If the cities could be seen as birds, Warsaw would be seen as magical Fenix, that rose from its ashes. The History left sustainable marks in the City, but heroic people of Warsaw stood always and fought their way to freedom. 

Today, modern Warsaw is one mish-mash of various styles. In the city center, you can find a few original buildings, that survived the terror of war, then you can visit reconstructed Old Town which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. From the city architecture, you can learn about the polish communist era, but also enjoy some modern buildings and new skyscrapers. You will be astonished by the differences that somehow make one perfect unity and at the same time tell a story about the rich history of this place.

Extraordinary events and people are part of Warsaw’s history, making this city a place of world’s second-oldest democratic constitution in 1791, city where famous Chopin wrote and composed his magical pieces inspired by the surrounding and Marie Skłodowska-Curie is born, the only person with two Nobel Prizes in two different scientific fields. During the WW2 terror, Hitler and Stalin, both left an indelible mark on the city.

To go in the future you also need to deal with the pas, that is the formula that heroic and proud polish people did. They rose from the ashes and reconstructed city, which now has a thriving cultural scene with theatre, fascinating museums, modern music scene and world-class restaurants.

We are happy to pronounce that, starting now and through whole 2020 we will provide Free Walking Tours in Warsaw Historical City Center.

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