Engaged In Vienna

Fabulous places to get engaged in Vienna

Austria is an increasingly popular choice for international weddings, since it is home to pristine lakes, sprawling vineyards, spectacular secular Baroque buildings, and lush mountain ranges that make the occasion photographable and romantic. Its capital, Vienna, was once home to the Habsburg Emperors, who ordered many churches and monasteries to be built. As such, those into religious weddings will find a wide array of churches to tie the knot in. The first district alone (Innere Stadt) is home to 25 churches, and there are more than 23 districts, all with both churches and beautiful settings for civil weddings. Of course, the City of Dreams is also a marvelous setting for a prelude to a wedding – your engagement. These are just a few spots in which to ask the apple of your eye to say ‘I do’.

The Blooming Schönbrunn Gardens

This beautiful Baroque palace, commissioned by Emperor Leopoled I as a hunting lodge for his son, Cron Prince Joseph, is one of Europe’s most beautiful palaces, and was employed as the palatial imperial residence throughout the 18th century. It is home not only to stunning hand-crafted interiors and painted ceilings, but also to stunningly designed gardens that extend for 1.2 km from east to west. Walk along the Great Parterre with your loved one, admire the beauty of the statues, and get down on bended knee by the Angel Fountain – sizable, playful and romantic all at once.

Recreating A Famous Kiss

Vienna is home to one of Austria’s most famous paintings – The Kiss (Lovers) by Gustav Klimt – a shimmering, warm, colorful love scene featuring a couple embracing each other, with one firmly planting a kiss on the other’s cheek. If your loved one has always been enamored by this painting, why not visit the Belvedere Museum and pop the question right here? There may be other people around, so you need to be well prepared for this one. Arrive at a low-peak time of the day, and make sure your diamond ring is firmly secured in a buttoned pocket or in a safe bag. If you are in Vienna and you are up for an impromptu engagement, then know that the city has many excellent jewelry stores. You can also opt for an online engagement sparkler, since Internet shopping is big in this European city, and delivery is prompt. If your lover is into Klimt, they may be into fancy colored diamonds as well, so make sure you get the style and size right.

A Ride Along The Danube

The long and narrow island called the Donauinsel (Danube Island) in central Vienna is a fantastic place from which to contemplate the beauty of the Danube at sunset. This area is particularly popular in the summer, since it boasts swimming beaches, picnic benches, and cycling trails as well. Dock at Reichsbrücke, and ask your loved one for their hand in marriage as the sun extends its golden rays over the horizon.

Vienna is home to so many beautiful sites – from Schönbrunn Gardens to the glistening waters of the Danube. Above are three particularly romantic spots, but depending on your tastes you may find many more to your liking. From a horse-drawn carriage ride to a wine tasting and meal in a fancy vineyard, there are many more ways to celebrate your special moment in a way that most expresses who you are as a couple.

Written by: Kaz Greening