Vienna this November

Where to go in Vienna this November

November is a peculiar middling period. A downward trajectory from the climax of Halloween and too soon for the lead up toward Christmas. November stands as a month of preparation and anticipation for the coming Christmas celebrations and Winter chill.

Luckily, Vienna’s reputation as Europe’s cultural capital can ease any pre-winter lull. Whether it be museums, restaurants, and pubs or even the odd day trips to one of the serene surrounding towns and villages.

Westlicht Photography Exhibition

The gallery at Westlicht has been operating for 20 years (photo credit: wien.info)

Choosing from the many museums and galleries in Vienna is certainly a big task, which is why I believe focusing on one aspect of art is the best policy for narrowing down potential places to visit.

In celebration of 100 years since the formation of the state of Burgenland Westlicht is exhibiting a retrospective exhibition of documentary photography of the region over the past century. From the late-Empire days to the fall of the Iron Curtain. It creates a slice of life of those who had come before us in the sleepy regions of Austria.

The exhibition begins 24th November until the end of January 2022.

If you should have missed this exhibition the Kunst Haus Wien is exhibiting a poignant and thought-provoking show of photographer Susan Meiselas.

Meiselas has gathered a lifetimes work including the street scenes of 70’s New York, a mid-revolutionary Central America, and a harrowing detail of Northern Iraq. Her photos give a rare intimate look into the lives of those who don’t usually have the voice to speak about themselves giving the viewer a sense of close contact with the subjects within the frame

Cafe Eiles

The traditional decour of the Cafes interior will send you back in time (Image Rights: Trip Advisor)

After the first year of living in Vienna I had become a lazy and bored, thinking I’d seen and done everything in the city “worth” doing. It wasn’t until I started taking the extra time out of my day to walk more that I had to correct my perception entirely.

 Whether it is getting off a stop early or simply walking anywhere that was at most 20 minutes away I was open to the tiny cracks and narrow pockets where the city had been hiding its cosy supercut gastronomy.

Café Eiles at the very edge of the 8th district sits perched in classic Viennese turn of the century finery. Whilst not the cheapest location it offers an atmosphere of the kind of city that Hollywood and literature has sold us about Vienna.

It’s brown marble top tables and lavish booths with clear net curtains create a place where one can read, dine, and gossip, as they did when people like Freud and Klimt were around.

Baden bei Wien

A view of Baden bei Wien from the main square (Image Rights: Busreisen.cc)

As tourists thin throughout Autumn, before their eventual return in December for the Christmas markets, there is a brief quiet where the city takes a deep sigh before the festive rush. This can be the perfect moment to step a little outside of the city with nowhere quainter than the little town of Baden.

45 minutes from Vienna (depending on which station you depart from) Baden gives a brief glimpse into a time long gone. Although it’s shops, cafes and transport are all modern, the town itself relates back to when many of us lived in a small, picturesque town on the edge of some place long ago before we moved away to find work or chase futures.

With tickets ranging from 7 to 14 euros it’s an easy expense for untapped beauty.

Christmas Markets: Take a Tour

Feel the glow of the Chirstmas lights with a festive tour (Image Rights: Prime Tours)

To a local living in Vienna the signs of the Christmas season are already upon us. Wooden huts have been already erected in the main squares of the 1st district, in Maria-Theresien-Platz, Karlsplatz and many of the other formerly hut-less bustles of the centre of the city.

It seems prudent then to not fight this change in season but to embrace it, learn about it and enjoy it. For some this is easy, as Christmas evokes the joy of bright lights and warm sweet smells coming from random fire pits scattered around everywhere, for others perhaps only the solidifying of the beginning of winter and the cold, dark months.

This is where warm wine and good food comes in.

Join the Christmas Market tours and accept the fate of someone who will have fun and enjoy this season.