How to spend a COVID Lockdown in Vienna well.

How to spend a COVID Lockdown in Vienna well

Whilst spending the short days and the long nights indoors is something that we all look forward to in Winter, it’s a different matter when we are compelled to because of a global pandemic. Lockdowns can get to the best of us, but here are some tips for spending your lockdown in Vienna in the best way.

Take Vitamin D Tablets

Although this isn’t specifically lockdown related it is a sage piece of winter wisdom.

Coming from the UK I love Austria’s weather. It has the perfect seasonal spread of a hot summer and a cold winter with the gradual fluctuations in between. But when in the deepest part of winter, it can sometimes seem the sun will never come back.

It’s dark early, and the days are barely light enough to see where you’re going. An exaggeration, but the point stands that the clouds are thick and lingering, even on a good day.

A 2018 study published by the Austrian Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism found that 30% of Austrians sampled were Vitamin D deficient. Seasonal Depression and vitamin D deficiency through lack of sunlight in the Winter months might not be cured through a small purchase of vitamin D tablet at the nearest Apotheke, but research shows that it may help.

Winter during Lockdown in Vienna
Not much sun going to get through there...

Talk with loved ones regularly (get a routine)

This may seem an obvious piece of advice but one easily many of us can forget. For those living alone it can be a harder time calling someone up, thinking that we’re interrupting their dinner, their privacy, or their lives.

Memories of my last lockdown when I would ring the same friend everyday and ask what they did, who they spoke too. It was nice, but I couldn’t help feeling the guilt that I was pestering a friend and coming off needy.

Believe me, you won’t, and you don’t.

My friend confided to me later that those little calls everyday helped him as well. Perhaps it was the social interaction, but for me it was the little routine that I could use to anchor myself to normality.

Call when you need and be honest about how you’re coping with it all.

Zoom calling friends during Lockdown in Vienna
Or a zoom call!


There’s an old saying that goes, “Everyday, once a day, give yourself a present”.

Whether it would be a cup of coffee, a nap or even buying a little something from the high-street, it’s all in the effort to make you smile a little.

In lockdown it can sometimes seem that that is a seemingly more difficult task. With working from home and the 9-5 it is even more important to treat yourself to something. This is where you must apply your own imagination and your own self-knowledge, what in your home will treat you?

For me a little indulgence would include a cup of tea and a biscuit or three, and then perhaps if I’ve been very good a takeaway or something else unhealthy for me.

When we come out of this lockdown it will be deep in the Christmas period. A time of lights, warm wine, and spiced sugar treats from the wooden huts of the Christmas markets.

Keep that in mind.

Lockdown in Vienna christmas
Book a tour for the Christmas season.

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