Nightlife in Vienna

Hostels & Pubs

Prime Rooms Vienna:
The best parties always start at home. That is why we converted our beautiful home into a small luxuries hostel in the 16th district of Vienna. With an astonishing view, cherry wooden beds and the best pre parties of the town. So come by for a cool drink or a delicious meal! 

Prime Rooms your luxuries art stay in Vienna!

Down Under Aussie Pub:
The first Australian Pub in Vienna. Watch your favorite sports game there.  Challenge someone at table-top football. Discover local live artist in the underground club “Snakepit”, try some of the selected beer specials or chill with your friends at the wine lounge. Little snacks like pizza and toast are also served. the perfect location for a fun night to start. They also have a big screen for all football games in- and outside!

Down Under Aussie Pub
Magdalenenstrasse 321060 Wien
Email: office@downunder.at
Phone: +43 1 585 73 30

Alternative Sounds:


The Grelle Forelle has two floors offering a sound between House, Techno and Minimal.  The international DJs regularly play to a full house on Fridays and Saturdays – the club is closed for the rest of the week. With an area of 1,000 square meters, the Grelle Forelle has plenty of space for dancing. Highlights are the sound system specially designed for the club and the lighting concept of the Viennese visualist collective Neon Golden, which also makes keen reference to the fish motif inside the club. A bit of daylight also falls into the club through the glass bricks in the early morning hours.

Fluc is an established fixture on Vienna’s night life and music scene, with a legendary program presenting national and international DJs seven days a week. Before reaching its present form, though, Fluc saw quite a few changes. After abandoning a former railway canteen as their location, they transformed a nearby pedestrianised passage into the Fluc_Wanne and built the new Fluc directly above it with the help of a team of young architects. – FREE ENTRANCE!

Pub Crawl Vienna
Pub Crawl Vienna

Electronic Sounds:

The Sass is situated as centrally as only few other clubs. With the address, Karlsplatz 1, the club is situated at three subway lines and at Vienna’s absolute traffic hub. From the outside, one can almost overlook the Sass, but once inside, the club unfolds its entire flair. The cocktails are mixed using the best ingredients, the deep brown parquet floor gives dancing shoes the necessary support.

A former sauna in Vienna’s Prater has rapidly developed into one of the city’s most prominent clubs. Techno and Electro are the mainstays of this stylish and original location.
The Pratersauna still radiates the charm of the 1960s. Its merits are particularly evident in summer. No other club in the city has such a lovely pool in the garden, which is open for swimming in the afternoon during the summer season. At other times, the swimming pool is illuminated during the night and acts as an attractive setting for parties. Through the renovation in 2015 and the change of operator the magic vibes got lost almost entirely


 Chic & Cool:

When locals go “to the Volksgarten”, they are not normally talking about the park, but about a disco. And not just any disco, but one of the best locations, which has been a fixed point of the city for decades. The history of the Volksgarten Club Disco goes back over 180 years. Today, the extensive establishment around the architecturally attractive glass pavilion offers both open-air and indoor nights with international greats of the party culture scene..

Right next door to the Pratersauna, which focuses on electronic music, there is now also a hip-hop club. The club is cheekily called “Vie i Pee”, the name permitting several interpretations simultaneously. Up to 500 guests can really let their hair down in the new club in the Prater to the sounds of hip-hop, rap, soul, funk, jazz and R’n’B. Musical acts are not announced in advance. Even when superstars appear, the guests only find out about it at the time.

Pub Crawl Vienna
Pub Crawl Vienna

Viennese nightlife institutions

The city’s most legendary disco, whose illustrious past with concerts by Grace Jones, Nirvana and Prince can still be sensed. The best-known bouncer in the country, Conny De Beauclair, still ensures the right mix of people. It is without question one of the happiest places in Vienna.

​Since 1990, the Flex has stood for the best sound of the city. What began with a focus on rock nowadays brings the full glory of many genres to the house. With its relocation in 1995 to a disused subway tunnel directly beneath the Danube Canal, the rest of the world quickly realized that something special was happening here. During the summertime, not only is the dance floor packed, but people also enjoy sitting on the bank of the Danube Canal. For some time now, the expanded Flex Café has offered its own, always well-frequented floor.
From the variations of the harder guitars via Dub, Jungle, Electro, Techno, Nu-Skool, Dubstep to Drum’n’Bass, sought-after genres find the perfect home here, with superb sounds and chilled flair.