Viennese Restaurant Recommendations


Schweizerhaus – the most famous pork knuckle in Vienna
Situated in the hearth of the Prater amusement park this Viennese institution is the place to go, when you crave for the combination of meat and beer! It is particulary famous for the “Stelze” –  a pork knuckle which is priced by kilo – it is a piece of ham – inside soft and outside crispy served with various side dishes! The atmosphere is very boisterous, and it is always busy. The food on offer, other than the stelze, is tipical as well (Dumplings, Austrian Sweets)
– Prater 116 ( 2nd district)


Schnitzel Wirt
The Schnitzel Wirt is celebrated for its fabulous Wiener Schnitzel, and is often referred to as the “home” of this dish. They offer the biggest and cheapest Schnitzel in a very authentic amtosphere with grumpy Viennese waiters and quality beer. 

– Neubaugasse 52 (7th district)



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Centimeter  – tipical austrian cuisine with huge portions     
Famous for its immense portions, the menu offers dishes like “two meters of wurst”, all sorts of meat pierced on a sword, or a whole wheelbarrow containing a broad variety of what the kitchen has to offer. The name Centimeter descends from the fact that you order (and pay) cold or warm open-faced sandwiches by their length measured in centimeters. They have several locations all around Vienna – (7th, 8th, 18th district)

Sausage stands in Vienna
Sausage booths in Vienna are institutions and are the most tipical street food, the city has to offer . Try the so-called “Käsekrainer”, which is the yummiest sausage filled with cheese – best served with some horseradish, a piece of dark bread and of course an local beer!


Coffee house “Alt Wien”
Vienna’s coffee house tradition is world famous and can be enjoyed throughout the city. We always get asked, which coffee house we can recommened.  The coffee house Alt Wien in the 1st district, is one with a amazing location near the St.Stephans Cathedral but with a very authentic and local vibe. Its appears even a bit alternative and has some delicious dishes of the Viennese Cuisine in offer, like Gulasch! Try it out yourself – highly recommendable. – Bäckerstraße 9, 1010 Vienna

Prime Rooms
If you want you’re looking for a home away from home, some delicious food, good drinks and interesting people,  then you should just stay here or come by for a meal. Every few weeks there is a party or a barbecues organized. Join and enjoy! – the best bbq & pool parties in Vienna!

Vilicusweg 10, 1160, Vienna.