5 Viennas hidden gems that you should visit

Interested in what obtains exited off most Viennese itineraries? Good, we’re going to serve you all our favorite hidden gems and secret places in the city, unknown to most visitors. Let’s go.

Published:July 28, 2023
Last updated:July 28, 2023

Interested in what obtains exited off most Viennese itineraries? Good, we’re going to serve you all our favorite hidden gems and secret places in the city, unknown to most visitors. Let’s go.

Vienna is loaded to the projection with historical jewels and monuments. Once you’ve covered all the essential attractions on our Free Walking Tour Classic like St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Hero Square, Hofburg, and the Vienna State Opera, it’s time to embark off the beaten paths.

Gasthaus Quell

In the home street of Prime Tours, our favorite lunch break spot is situated. Restaurant Quell 70 years old run business, one of the oldest restaurants in the area, and a typical local place. On the menu, you can find classic traditional Viennese dishes, but also the adapted vegetarian options. During hot summer days you can have lunch in the cozy garden, greeting all our neighbours. If you choose to sit inside, you will find that the interior is the same as 70 years ago, almost older than Prime Tours crew altogether. Check out this cozy place in the Reindorfgasse, but do not forget to stop by our creative base and say hello, or rent our funky Kick Bike to explore more.


Did you know that the metropolitan area of Vienna has its perfect Wine connection? When the hot summer comes, all locals take a weekend, or two or three to go with their friends to Grinzing, a Viennese wine village, situated just at the city’s borders. Perfectly connected by public transport, biking, and hiking ways former village is now part of the city and one of the favorite picnic stops of the locals.

Things to do in Grinzing (things we do at least)

  • Hike
  • Drink Wine
  • Admire the Views
  • Drink Wine
  • Enjoy nature
  • Drink Wine

When you are in Vienna, do not miss to explore this hidden gem, and maybe you will meet us also.

Hidden Vine Cellars of the Viennese center

In the time before refrigerators and cooling machines of modern times, all wine produced in Grinzing, needed to be stored somewhere, somewhere cold and hidden. In the past times, that were usually facilities, 3 floors underground, deep under Viennese feet, but today they present perfectly hidden gems of Vienna.

Just in the city center, under the feet of all tourists passing by laying hidden roman cellars, astonishing works of architecture, today serving the purpose as a unique attraction. Some of them you can visit on your own, and to some is a limited entrance, but if you contact us, we can arrange a private wine tasting for you 10m underground.

Krypt Bar

Somewhere in this map is the hidden bar, try to find it.


A few friends were working together and decided to start a bar, the Krypt bar a hidden cellar of the Viennese 9th district. Somewhere there you should walk and discover, and maybe find out the entrance to the Krypt. Specialized for craft cocktails and light bites, this place is a unique experience for locals and visitors. Simply go out there and find it.

Bloody Street aka Blutgasse

If you were having the bloody marry cocktail at the Krypt, now you know the taste of blood and you are ready to check our last hidden gem on the list The Bloody Street. Rather a simple, narrow street, at the central location keeps its horrific legend. The street is named due to the high amount of blood running it is the narrow path, but if you would like to find out more simply check the video under, but if you want to experience all goosebumps and mystery join our Spooky Vienna Tour, and be amazed or frightened.

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