The original Wiener Schnitzel

An original Wiener Schnitzel (Viennese Schnitzel) is a must for every Vienna visit. You will see a huge Schnitzel advertisement at the arrivals hall of the Airport Vienna and for sure couple of various ads in the city center. But a real Viennese Schnitzel is not so easy to find. There are few things you need to check before you order a Schnitzel to make sure it is the original one:

  • Check the meat they use. The original Schnitzel is made out of veal. No pork or chicken, of course you can eat those as well, but it is not original!
  • Check the side dish. A traditional Schnitzel always comes with potato salad or parsley potatoes. If they serve it with French fries, you can be sure the restaurant is not one of the best.
  • Check the sauce! If you don’t get any, ask for “Preiselbeermarmelade” (cranberry jam). The sweet taste of the jam fits perfectly to everything what is breaded and deep fried.
  • DON’T EAT KETCHUP with it. This is a NO GO and everyone will know that you are not a real Schnitzel expert.
  • Check the price. The original Viennese Schnitzel costs between 11-20€ always depends where you are. If it is cheaper than that I would wonder where they get their meat from…
  • If you finally ordered it, check the surface of the breaded tastiness. If the shape of the outside breaded skin looks like waves and big bubbles you know that someone in the kitchen is a real Schnitzel chef. If the Schnitzel is completely flat you can be sure this is not the right place for you.
  • If you followed the instructions you are now allowed to finally eat and enjoy the Schnitzel. If it is too much don’t be afraid to ask for a doggy bag to take it with you. Schnitzel is also very tasty if it is cold.

Did you know that it is true that the Austrian People love Schnitzels? In almost every typical Viennese Restaurant you can find it in the menu. But not ever Schnitzel is the same! Also when I am gone for more than 10 days I always go to my grandma’s place and have Schnitzel as a welcome back meal. If you are not so lucky and have your own grandma as schnitzel expert we can recommend you various places below where you get a nice Schnitzel:

  • Gasthaus Quell
    is located close by the meeting point of the kick bike tours. This is one of the oldest taverns in Vienna and makes Schnitzel since 80 years
  • Plachutta
    is a traditional family owned high end restaurant, where you can get the best of the Viennese kitchen. There are various restaurants in the city. Be aware of higher prices.
  • Schnitzel Wirt
    The Schnitzel Wirt is celebrated for its fabulous Wiener Schnitzel, and is often referred to as the “home” of this dish. They offer the biggest and cheapest Schnitzel in a very authentic atmosphere with grumpy Viennese waiters and quality beer.
  • Gumpendorfer Stube
    an original classic Viennese tavern. The prices are very moderate and the portions are often too big. This tavern is located close by the Naschmarkt of Vienna. If you book our culinary tour you will have the chance to try the Schnitzel there!