Discover: Street Art from a New Perspective

The Danube Canal is one of the hottest hotspots for the youngsters in Vienna to hang out, meet friends and have a good time as soon as the sun comes out and the temperatures allow it to be outside from early until late. There are tons of cool beach bars, cafes and clubs where you can chill all day long with your toes in the sand next to the water, sipping your ice-cold drink. Even for well-travelled people this is something really special and unique Vienna offers for its locals and travellers.

Next to its great flair and vibes the Danube Canal also has a lot to offer regarding street art, sprayed as well as installed. The special thing about the canal is that it is an authorized street art ground, meaning that artists are actually allowed to spray there, which opens the gates for street artists from all over the world. This makes the Danube Canal one of the biggest open-air museums world-wide. With art from ROA, Blu, Stink Fish, Ruin, Shepard Fairey and many other international artists, the once grey Danube Canal has turned into a colorful, ever-changing canvas that attracts street art lovers from all over the globe.

Our Street Art River Cruise!

Us being street art lovers ourselves, have designed the ultimate Street Art Tour along the Danube canal for you: The Street Art River Cruise Tour! As the name already reveals the tour is healed on the deck of a river cruise along the canal, with an open-air deck and a cozy indoors deck we are prepared for any weather condition and the board service is ready to serve you drinks and food if you wish so. Chill as hell! 😉

Being on the canal you have the best view on both sides of it and most importantly all the art. Our guides and experts are actively involved into street art themselves and know how to fill the 1 and a half hours with the best know-how, insights and art explanations for you. With this tour we want to provide a relaxed setting for everyone: locals, travellers, experts as well as newbies just interested in learning things about the world of street art. We want to create a place to discuss street art, ask questions and get high quality insight information about the canal, street artists and the art form itself. Are you ready to dive into the world of street art and cruise with us? We are! P.s. Find the details about the Street Art River Cruise Tour here. We hope to see you there. 🙂

                                              Manuel and Manuel, two of our experts having a good ‘oll time