E-Scooter Tour

They see us rollin’ – on our E-Scooter Tour!

Attention ladies and gentlemen, we will present you the first E-Scooter Tour in whole in Vienna and the World! Not only sustainable for the environment but also the fastest and funnest way to discover hidden but also iconic places in Vienna. We like to show you what you want to experience and that’s why we are always open for your wishes and will adjust the tour spontaneously, but this is how your experience could look like – Let us cruise you through:

Starting in the 15thdistrict the tour will kick off in one of Vienna’s most underground and local neighborhoods that we Viennese like to call ‘Grätzl’. In the street where we will meet you there is a variety of little bars and cafes, art galleries and nice little street art pieces, which you would normally not expect in the 15thdistrict.

From the underground hip district to better known ones – the 7thand the 6thdistrict of Vienna showing you the lifestyle that we as young Viennese people experience on a day to day basis. We can tell you, it never gets boring in this jungle of vintage stores, street art, little book stores and record stores imbedded in a typical and picturesk old Viennese cityscape.

Ongoing we will cruise straight close to the city center to Vienna’s City Park to check out the beautiful park and hip neighborhoods that border it. Of course, during the whole tour, you will get prime information from our prime guides and questions along the way are always welcome! We want to make sure you learn about the people and the authentic culture of Vienna as much as possible – that’s our goal!

After a lot of green we will make our way to the water, the Danube canal, which without a doubt is one of the favorite chill out spots for the Viennese with its charming little beach bars in the summer and loads of beautiful street art it’s a place of pure joy we want you to experience with us.

The next stop is well known: The Vienna Prater, with one of Europe’s biggest urban parks and the famous amusement park with one of Vienna’s most iconic landmarks, the Vienna Ferris wheel.

And last but certainly not least we will dive into the world of modern architecture when cruising through the university campus of the University of Economics in Vienna. Architect-lovers from all over the world come to Vienna to admire the simplicity of beauty the famous architect Zaha Hadid created with her Library building, that thousands of Viennese and international students use on the daily base.

In the mood for a sustainable, informative, educating experience about the authentic Viennese culture? If yes, don’t hesitate to book your tour here now and cruise with us soon!

Just as sustainable but more booty workout, the same tour is available on our Kick Bikes here too!

Hope to see you cruising with us soon to discover Vienna like a local,

Best your Prime Tour-Team!!!