Beach vibes in Vienna? The Old Danube to cool down from the City.

We heard it say that Christmas is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, and we do agree that Christmas is great and spreads beautiful heartwarming vibes, though don’t mess with Viennese summers!

Next to a ton of awesome open-air events, festivals and very cool urban chill out spots there is also spots that bring you straight into a holiday mood – one of the most beautiful and popular ones is the ‘Alte Donau’ (Old Danube).

The special thing about the Old Danube is that it is a still water in the city but just enough outside the city to be in the ‘green’. The water is clean, one can swim and enjoy the sun to the fullest. It’s a great place to disconnect and chillout – and we Viennese love to take advantage of that! One can lay on the dock, on one of the public beaches, rent a boat or do any water sport activity that is offered with the option to refresh with the clear and fresh water.

The Old Danube is accessible super easily with the Metro U2 (Station: Donau Marina) or The U1 (Station: Alte Donau) and is a true delight! Don’t miss it guys! 😉