Enjoying An Eco-Friendly Visit To Vienna

Enjoying An Eco-Friendly Visit To Vienna

Around 87% of all travelers now wish to see the world more sustainably, as found in the Sustainable Travel Report, and if you are one of them, Vienna is the perfect place to let your passion for Planet Earth thrive. The latest World’s Greatest Cities list, published by Resonance Consultancy, deemed Vienna the greenest city in the world for several reasons – including its large number of green spaces, venues, and certifications for green events. There are many more reasons that tourists themselves can experience first hand. These are just a few of them.

Green Transport

Vienna is an excellent city to see from a bike, as there are over 1300km of bike lanes where you can safely make your way through the city and stop at key sights and food havens. Most routes have free charging points, so you can ensure your ebike is recharged while you’re enjoying a meal or visiting a museum. There are other cool ways to ‘glide’ through the city – including the rental of a E-Scooter – a scooter that moves with just a tiny push (aka. Kick Bike). You can even bring your love of eco transport to the Danube, hiring a row boat, electric boat or paddle boat.

Eco-Friendly Shopping

If you are into vegan, organic and fair trade clothing, then you will be spoiled for choice in Vienna. Just a few cool shops worth a visit include Shakkei Wien (on Burggasse 43-45), selling stunning designs made from organic, sustainable materials like bamboo fiber and organic cotton. Zerum (Kirchengasse 13), meanwhile, sources items from nearby to reduce their carbon footprint. Green Ground (Porzellangasse 14-16) also features trendy, elegant clothing in materials like hemp and organic linen and cotton. 

Green Beauty

If you feel like treating your skin and hair to a natural beauty boost, you can choose from an array of organic hair salons and natural cosmetics stores in Vienna. These include The Fringe (which has a good range of organic dyes) and The Organic Hair Salon (featuring a wide array of organic products and treatments for hair). If cosmetics are your thing, don’t miss out on shopping at Lederhaas Cosmetics (known for its luxury products sourced from controlled organic farms) or Kussmund Organic Beauty Parfumerie (where you will find a host of makeup and skincare products made from organic ingredients). Sustainable haircare saves the planet in many ways, as do green beauty products of all types. New technologies and formulae enable consumers to transform their look with long-lasting, quality products that nevertheless shun plastic, rely on recycled packaging, and come from organically cultivated ingredients. Eco-friendly beauty products are also free of harmful ingredients such as SLS (sodium laurel sulfate), which are linked to a plethora of health problems.

Sustainable Accommodation

Travellers who value sustainability often conduct research into the relevant policies of different hotels and resorts in their city of choice, and once again, they will find that Vienna has an excellent track record. Top eco-friendly hotels include The Wood (made entirely of wood sourced from sustainably managed forests), the Harmonie Vienna (which embraces the concept of ‘conscious living’ and follows strict sustainability standards) and Boutiquehotel Stadthalle (known as ‘the first zero-energy balance hotel in Europe’). The term ‘zero-energy balance’ means that within one year, Boutiquehotel Stadthalle generates as much energy via its groundwater heat pump and its solar panels as it consumes. 

Vienna has an excellent reputation for its greenness, making it a good choice for travellers wishing to see the world without creating a large carbon footprint. Some of its most attractive features include its plethora of bikes and ebikes for rent, its eco-friendly boutiques, and its array of sustainable hotels. There are also a bevy of eco-friendly restaurants serving organic and zero-km food, so make sure to let your hands do the walking and research your options before you land in this majestic city.

Written by: Briana