Tips For Making Your Way Around Vienna

Tips For Making Your Way Around Vienna

Car ownership has declined in Vienna over the years, with transport operator, Wiener Linien, reporting that the use of a private car can cost over 15 times more than using public transport. The use of public transport and bicycles can also significantly lower a tourist’s carbon footprint, with recent research indicating that public transport can reduce harmful emissions by 37 million metric tons annually. If you are visiting Vienna and you’d like to see all the most popular sites, you could definitely do so by getting by on public transport alone. If you will be visiting nearby towns or cities and you are thinking of renting a vehicle, then make sure you rent an electric vehicle, to reduce your fuel consumption to zero.

The Public Transport System In Vienna

Vienna’s public transport system is made up of buses, trains, trams and underground lines, which pass through all main city stops. There are five underground lines, 127 bus lines, 29 tram lines, and 12 train platforms, with night lines that operate from 12:30am to 5am, and day lines operating during the remaining hours. You can either buy single tickets for a trip into town for €2.40, purchasing tickets at stations, aboard the vehicle, or online on the Wiener Linien online store. Your ticket will entitle you to take the train, bus, tram or subway, and you can use all four means of transport to get from point A to B. If you have children and they are aged under six, they won’t need a ticket. Children aged under 15, meanwhile, can play a lower price and ride free on Sundays and holidays, and during school vacation periods. Single tickets are not accepted for a select number of services – including the touristic yellow Ring Tram and the Westbahn rail service. You can also buy passes for a full day, 72 hours, and longer.

Hiring A Car

The growing popularity of electric transport has given rise to new business opportunities, which is good news for tourists. If you wish to ride the electric car wave that is taking over Europe and much of the rest of the world, the ELOOP Carsharing app is a cheap way to get around. Simply download the app, register and locate your e-car, and when you reach your destination, you can simply leave the car in an empty parking spot. Like other fully electric cars, those on the ELOOP programme are charged with 100% green energy and produce zero emissions. You can use an e-car for around €46 per day, or pay close to €8 per hour. This app is a great idea if you want to visit nearby spots like Bratislava (Slovakia), Graz or Brno (Czech Republic). If you rent an EV, make sure to find out about charging stations on your route, also asking about mechanic and emergency services stations you can rely on if necessary.

Tourist Passes

If you will be in Vienna for a few days, it is a good idea to crunch numbers and see if buying a tourist pass such as The Vienna Pass with Travel, will help you make savings. The pass affords you entry to a plethora of top attractions, and has an optional addition of a 24, 48, or 72-hour card. Another pass called The Vienna Card also offers transport cards, but additionally offers you discounts for various sites.
Vienna is an eco-friendly city, so if you really want to do your share, either rent a bike or opt for public transport. You can choose from various ticket and pass types, so make a few calculations to enjoy optimal savings. Finally, if you need to rent a car, make it an EV, so you can catch as many places as are on your programme without worrying about your emissions.
Written by: Brianna