Educational walk with a refugee

This is not a sightseeing tour, this is a tour about life!

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in front of restaurant L’Osteria, 1100 Wien 

Wien Mitte, 1030 Wien

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Explore the city of Vienna from totally new perspective!

What does it mean to flee from your home country? What are the Austrian policies on asylum and messures of integration? How do you start a new life in a foreign country – when you had to give up your previous one?

And who could explain these issues better than a refugee itself?

Join this very different tour talking about a refugees experience of fleeing from the war and settling down in a new country.

He will explain the different challenges or ways refugees had to undertake: he speaks about the arrival in 2015, the Austrian asylum procedure and the integration of refugees.


This Tour is operated by our Partners: SHADES TOURS!——>

What you´ll get in this interesting tour


Honestly – who could explain such difficult issues better than people who have experienced it. 

Your guide is a refugee himself.

Interesting Topic

You will learn about refuge & integration from someone, who had experienced himself what it means to flee his country and settle in a new one.

Fantastische Teilnehmer

Lerne Menschen aus aller Welt in einer ansprechenden Gruppengröße kennen!


Fragen & Antworten

Wenn du am Treffpunkt bist, achte auf einen gelben PRIME TOURS-Schirm. Dies ist dein Guide! Google Maps Link. If you have arrived at the meeting point, you will recognize your guide by the SHADES TOURS folder in his hands. 

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Yes, please buy your ticket before the tour, we will use public transportation twice

The SHADES TOURS tours are not classical sightseeing tours, but serve the socio-political education of the participants. On the tours on Poverty & Homelessness e.g. you will see places that are related to homelessness, but some stations also use the symbolism in the cityscape. For example, a park bench can become a symbol for “How do homeless people get a bed?”. The tours usually run through the public space and do not involve a visit to a social facility. All the other tour topics apply the same strategy.

All guides are employed by SHADES TOURS and are of course paid a salary. 

Tipps are always welcomed. (:

Yes, because honestly – who could explain such difficult issues better than people who have experienced it. So depending on the tour you chose, you will be guided by a homeless person, refugee or former addict.

There is a thin line between social education and voyeurism. However, we are repeatedly praised by participants and social workers for the balancing act. SHADES TOURS rejects social voyeurism, thus neither homeless people are on display, nor former beds of guides or other homeless people are shown.

Our tours lead through the public space – and your guide will be the only homeless person you’ll see on that tour.

This tour will be provided in Englisch.

Wir empfehlen immer die Tour im Vorhinein zu buchenAuf Grund der großen Interesse, kann es passieren, dass wir Teilnehmer ohne Reservierung von der Tour abweisen müssen
We would like to keep the quality standards high therefore only 15 people are allowed per tour guide!

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Der Guide wartet maximal 5 Minuten. Danach startet die Tour und ein Einsteigen während der Führung ist nicht mehr möglich. Bitte komme pünktlich oder sage uns rechtzeitig ab

Wir können leider nicht auf alle Zuspätkommenden aus Fairness der anderen Teilnehmer warten.

Bitte verliere nicht die Gruppe während der Tour. :)

Wir haben während dieser 2h Toure keine Pause geplant. 

Falls du doch das WC aufsuchen musst, hilft dir dein Guide gerne!

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Was andere Teilnehmer über diese Tour gesagt haben:

It was eye-opening, you should go! You will explore Vienna from another perspective and hear personal stories from the refugees about their experience coming to Vienna. It was very inspiring!
This tour was exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up for the Refuge & Asylum tour. The guide was an excellent tour guide who adapted his tour to the needs of the participants and was very patient, kind, and had very interesting things to say about his experience. He greatly encouraged questions, leading to an open discussion where we could ask whatever we’ve been wondering about. I learned a ton, had a fun time, and met some really cool people. I highly recommend this tour for anyone looking to get a “real” story right from the source. Thank you to the tour guides and to Shades Tours for the experience!

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