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Discover the old town of Warsaw on this amazing Free Walking tour!

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Zygmunt’s Column on the Castle Square. 

Look for the guide with a yellow umbrella (open in Google Maps)

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 10.30 AM and 2 PM and Sat at 11:30 AM

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~ 2,5h


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Explore the old city of Warsaw on this Free Walking Tour

A city that suffered tremendous losses over the last 100 years is still standing. Experience the invincible spirit of Warsaw and learn about the heroism of its people.

Today’s Warsaw is like a patchwork quilt. A few original, grand prewar buildings; the fully reconstructed and colorful Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; hulking communist architecture and modern skyscrapers. It is different from any other place you’ve seen. Over the centuries, Warsaw has been the setting for many extraordinary events and people: the adoption of the world’s second-oldest democratic constitution in 1791, the music and life of Chopin and the birth of Marie Skłodowska-Curie. The wartime deeds of Hitler and Stalin left an indelible mark on the city. Warsaw is not only about the past. The thriving cultural scene, theater, music, fascinating museums, world-class restaurants, and shops make a visit to this city a stimulating experience.

Come and join our tour to understand Warsaw, Poles and Poland’s role in world history.


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What you´ll get in this free tour in Warsaw

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Not only will you see our picks for the top sights of the historic center of Warsaw, but also hidden gems and fascinating architecture.

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Fragen & Antworten

Wenn du am Treffpunkt bist, achte auf einen gelben PRIME TOURS-Schirm. Dies ist dein Guide! Google Maps Link. If you have arrived at the meeting point, watch out for a yellow WALKATIVE! umbrella. This is your guide!

Du kannst die Tour direkt auf unserer Buchungsseite and entering your details in the form. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation email with the date and time of your booked tour. That’s it! If you want to book the tour for groups larger than 8 people, please contact us via our contact form.

Bei diesen Sehenswürdigkeiten kommen wir vorbei:

  • Royal Castle;
  • Main Market Square;
  • City walls and Barbican;
  • Monument of Warsaw Uprising
  • and much more…!

*Please note that the Walkative! guides are independent and thinking individuals. Depending on the guide, the tours may vary, but they are always designed to bring you lots of knowledge and fun.

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Dies hängt immer von deinem Budget und deiner Zufriedenheit ab. Wir empfehlen jedoch ein Trinkgeld von 8-15€ pro Person.

Our daily tours are only held in Englisch. If you like you get guided in any other language (for example German, Italian or Spanish) you are free to book a private tour through our contact page.

Wir empfehlen immer die Tour im Vorhinein zu buchenAuf Grund der großen Interesse, kann es passieren, dass wir Teilnehmer ohne Reservierung von der Tour abweisen müssen
We would like to keep the quality standards high therefore only 30 people are allowed per tour guide!

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Der Guide wartet maximal 5 Minuten. Danach startet die Tour und ein Einsteigen während der Führung ist nicht mehr möglich. Bitte komme pünktlich oder sage uns rechtzeitig ab

Wir können leider nicht auf alle Zuspätkommenden aus Fairness der anderen Teilnehmer warten.

Bitte verliere nicht die Gruppe während der Tour. :)

We do not have any break during this tour due to the short duration of only 2,5h. 

Please make sure you go before the tour starts to the toilet. In case of emergency, there are always public toilets or coffee houses on our way. Please let the guide know that you need to use a restroom.

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Reviews of the Free Walking Tour Warsaw

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We had a great free walking tour in Old city of Warsaw. I learned so many historical facts and understood a lot about Polish people . The deep influence of church and their strong resistance to enemies. Thanks to Annushka our passionate guide , who puts a lot of efforts to discover Warsaw for us. She shared her love to city and it’s people and I started to love it too) I am strongly recommend you to join Free Wallative tour .
I count myself a veteran of the free walking tour. Do one wherever I go. But Jacek in Warsaw was another level. SO much knowledge, so interesting and really varied! My partner has been to Poland a few times, I’d never been - we both found it super interesting and accessible. Could not recommend the Warsaw old town walking tour more.

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