Free Walking Tour Krakow Old Town

Join us at our Free Walking Tour Krakow Old Town to learn about this magnificent city.

Tour Facts

Meeting point

Between St. Florian´s Gate and Barbican.

Watch out for the yellow umbrella .
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Tour days

Daily @

(see booking page for exact dates)



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This Tour is operated by Walkative Free Tours


~ 2 – 2,5 hours


Pay what you want at the end! 🙂

Explore the old city of Krakow on this Free Walking Tour

Kraków’s Old Town survived the Second World War, so you’re able to feel the ambiance of the days when it used to be the capital of Europe’s largest country. Come join us for a tour around a city that hasn’t changed much since the Middle Ages.

The roller-coaster of history never missed the royal city, and its days of wealth and prosperity turned to times of collapse and decline. The most recent tragedy of World War II and the hopelessness of communism. It was also during this dark time that Kraków was home to a young man who later changed the fate of Poland and the world. His name was Karol Wojtyła, better known as Pope John Paul II.

Like every good story, Kraków’s should have a happy ending, right? The city today will surely provide one! Join us and be ready to watch, touch, listen, smell and taste. You will definitely need all of your senses to discover Kraków! See you soon at our Free Walking Tour Krakow Old Town!

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What you´ll get in this free tour in Krakow

Licensed Guide

You will be shown around by a motivated, local licensed guide.

Top Sights

Not only will you see our picks for the top sights of the old town of Kraków, but also hidden gems and fascinating architecture.

Awesome people

Get to know awesome people from around the world. The maximum group size is limited so you can easily understand the guide.


Frequently asked questions

Follow this Google Maps link. If you have arrived at the meeting point, watch out for a yellow WALKATIVE! umbrella. This is your guide!

You can book the tour by going to our booking page and entering your details in the form. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation email with the date and time of your booked tour. That’s it! If you want to book the tour for groups larger than 8 people, please contact us via our contact form.

Following sights will be included in your tour:

  • Medieval city walls;
  • Main Market Square with St; Mary’s church and Cloth Hall;
  • Collegium Maius, main building of the oldest University in Poland;
  • Franciscan church and “papal window”;
  • Wawel Hill with the Cathedral and Castle’s courtyard;
  • Wawel’s Dragon;
  • and much more…!

*Please note that the Walkative! guides are independent and thinking individuals. Depending on the guide, the tours may vary, but they are always designed to bring you lots of knowledge and fun.

You can join the tour without any admission fee. At the end of the tour you decide how much you would like to pay for the tour. If you are not happy with the quality provided, please give feedback to the guide after the tour has ended and tell him your concerns.

No absolutely not. Guides depend 100% on your generous tip after the tour. So please always talk to the guide if you were not happy with the quality of the tour, otherwise the guide can´t improve the tour.

It always depends on your happiness after the tour. We recommend between 8-15€, but there is no limit to the top! 😉

Our daily tours are only held in English. If you like you get guided in any other language (for example German, Spanish or Italian) you are free to book a private tour through our contact page.

We recommend always to book the tour in advanced. Due to high volume of tourists it could happen that we need to exclude customers without a confirmed reservation
We would like to keep the quality standards high therefore only 30 people are allowed per tour guide!

Save your spot today and book a tour now!

We start all our tours very punctual! Please be at least 10 minutes before starting time at the meeting point

Please note: We do not wait for any person who arrives too late. We want to be fair to all our customers and can not wait for single individuals if the whole group is already there.

If you loose your group during the walk, it is nearly impossible to find them again due to so many groups and streets in the old town. We recommend always to stay close and focused! 🙂

We do not have any break during this tour due to the short duration of only 2,5h. 

Please make sure you go before the tour starts to the toilet. In case of emergency, there are always public toilets or coffee houses on our way. Please let the guide know that you need to use a restroom.

Have further questions?
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Reviews of Free Walking Tour Krakow Old Town

What people say about their experience on this tour

We went on two free tours in Krakow - the Jewish Quarter (guide; Chris) and the Old Town (guide: Tomasz). The two routes are complementary. Each lasted about 2.5h; each was led by a knowledgeable guide who kept us interested throughout. The guides, who had excellent English, were Polish, and clearly spoke from the heart. The Jewish Quarter tour was particularly moving. I would thoroughly recommend these tours. (If you haven't been on a "free" tour before - you tip if/what you want at the end, which is a good format because it's in the guide's interest to provide a good tour.)
I did a walking tour in Old Town with Lusija. And franrly speaking, it was the best decision because she collected only the most interesting facts about Krakow, sights, history of the country, curiosities, leggends and presented everything in a very memorable form. I read some info before coming to Krakow but her information was much more interesting.Lusija was very passionate and I listened to every word. Since I was visiting a friend in Krakow and she was working and could not attend the tour, I told her a lot of the things I heard on the tour about her city and she was also impressed.I recommend taking this tour, esp. if the guide is Lusija (I am not sure how to write her name correctly, sorry:) Best regards from Kyiv, Ukraine!

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