Monster Hunt in Vienna with Prime Tours

Play with us, learn on this interactive urban game about Vienna and catch a great monster!


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Reindorfgasse 25/1
Wienliebe Infopoint @ Judengasse 4, 1010 Vienna


Monsters are to catch every day! 🙂


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Monster Hunt in Vienna with Prime Tours

If you like to discover and learn about the city in a new and interesting way. We are inviting you to play Monster Hunt in Vienna. 

Discover  the history of Vienna in a playful way: Chase away he monsters from 1918. and free the Viennese from their grumpiness! 

You can choose between three different packs: Paradise Lost, Good Turk or Wunderkammer Wien: 1918. Each pack has 6 scratching cards and 1 map. Some of them are easy some of them are hard, depends on your motivation to solve riddles, learn about mysteries and hunt grumpy Vieneese monsters.

If you want to make this game even better, you can choose bike rental option and explore the city on our funky Kick Bikes.


What people say about their experience on  Monster Hunt in Vienna. 

We arrived in Vienna the day before and it was a very original and funny way to discover Vienna, to learn about the history and architecture of the city. We discovered places we wouldn’t have found without this experience. Tamer was a very helpful and joyful guide! He helped us when needed and let us have the thrill of the game. We recommend this experience to anyone wanting to discover Vienna in a different way, it is perfect for a fun time (it took us approximately 2h30) with family and friends!
I booked this experience without much information about it, but I was intrigued by the concept and the title. In the end I had tons of fun. The story of the game and the places where we went to "hunt the monsters" were exceptional and the kind you hardly read about in (Hidden by Airbnb) . Tamer was a great and very friendly guide. The story of the game that he reads to you is very informative and contains a lot of interesting facts. The hint he gives are very helpful and do not spoil you the monster you are trying so hard to find. If you love games or even just enjoy walking around inspecting surroundings, there is no better way to do it than with this game. I would highly recommend this experience. Have fun and good luck finding all the monsters :).

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Easily, every pack has 6 cards, on every card you can find a riddle and hints to solve it. Just scratch it and step by step you will solve mystery and free Vienna from the monsters. 

You can choose between 3 different stories, which are at the same time 3 different difficulties: 

1. Paradise Lost;
2. Good Turk;
3. Wunderkammer Wien: 1918. 

At the moment we have English and German options. 

Cards can be picked up at our Prime Tours Base or Wienliebe info point every workday (Mo-Fr) between 11:00 – 15:00. 

We recommend contacting us via phone before the pickup: +43 670 206 17 87. 

Yes of course, you can play your game according to your needs and interest. We are offering also an upgrade on our Funky Kick Bike, for the price of 15€.  
With kick bike you can easily ride and discover the city in your own tempo. Fun and good time are grated. 

Kick Bike is perfect solution for exploring the city of Vienna. You can cover big area very fast, they are easy, simple and fun to use. 

*We provide also helmets and additional equipment on wish

More about them you can find out here: Kick Bike Tour