About us

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”


Prime Tours consists of an international team. We treat each other, our partners and clients with equality and respect. We are striving for a future where tourism is 100% sustainable and an important economical factor for every destination. Already all our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We love technology and believe in a future without cash in a decentralized banking system. Prime Tours works with partners in over six destinations and is constantly expanding its field of expertise. By 2030 tourism will be unrecognizable and Prime Tours will play an important role in achieving this positive change within Europe. With innovative ideas, solutions for transport and leisure time planning issues, algorithms and a sustainable way of conducting business.

How we work

Prime Tours is dedicated to providing a supreme service for a fair price, while always acting on behalf of our most important asset; mother earth herself. All our products and services are CO2 neutral or even CO2 free. Technology is our friend! We meet partners, tour guides and colleagues on eye level, pay our employees above average, encourage travel, education and social activities. We see each other as family and value each other's strengths and weaknesses. There is no space for racism, sexism, extremism or any other discriminatory behaviour. Together we’re designing the future and the future is only possible if we act sustainably and work unitedly.

Start up story

Prime Tours was created by two backpackers Tobias and Clemens, who visited over 50% of the world's countries. While traveling, the beauty of life and culture was constantly presented to them. Inspired by the love of the work people had in those destinations, it quickly became clear that they wanted to work together in the tourism industry.

Clemens opened his first hostel in Vienna in 2015 and in 2016 they founded Prime Tours in Vienna. They changed the whole Viennese industry by introducing the Free Walking Tour concept. After the tour participants can decide how much it was worth, as they wanted to first prove quality and then get rewarded for it. The success story continued, while Prime Tours became the number 1 supplier for “off the beaten track” experiences, which is still the main focus of the company.

In 2019 Tobias and Clemens decided to venture in different directions, but still work together. Tobias became a licensed guide and is still conducting tours in Spanish, English and German for Prime Tours. Clemens continued the tour provider journey with the new entity LoeX Local Experience GmbH and is since devoted to turning the touristic way of doing business completely around. In finding new interesting ways of experiencing a city, rather than just exploring it with a “hop-on hop-off bus”. On every Prime Tours, customers get the chance to dive deeply into local culture in order to understand how life in this place takes place. The latest project “WIEN LIEBE” strives to gather all alternative and authentic experiences within Vienna in one platform, while receiving numerous benefits and free goodies with the WIEN LIEBE PASS. Which is not only the best priced but also the most authentic pass in Vienna.

And guess what, Tobias and Clemens are still traveling and playing music together. If you’re ever up for a good night out, go to one of their parties and get enchanted by the crazy and lovely vibe. #PWG

Work with us

Become a Guide

We are constantly searching for motivated, passionate and dynamic guides in all of Austria to conduct our tours. We currently offer our service in multiple cities in Austria (Vienna, Salzburg, Linz) and would like to create superior experiences in even more cities.

At the moment we run 10 Free Tours per day, on 365 days per year, in three different languages (Spanish, German, English), and organise up to 20 different special themed tours per week. We are proud partners of numerous travel agencies, bus, train and cruise ship companies to also provide their guests with an extraordinary service.

Join our team now and become part of the prime journey of changing tourism forever in an unexpected way. You will be part of a team of over 30 licensed guides and a strong office team, which takes care of your tour appointments and further contracts with our exclusive partners.

Why us?

If you want to be part of the touristic change that is currently happening and be part of an unstoppable movement, with almost endless possibilities to express yourself and show your favorite town from your perspective. Additionally you love your freedom and flexibility, while getting various jobs and tours to conduct all year, for an above average salary, you should get in touch with us now! We are awaiting you our whole lives!

Become a Partner

Do you think your company or agency is a strategic fit to our ideas and vision? Do you love what we do and would like to become a part of this movement? Do you already run a similar company in a different city and would like to get more bookings or even sell our products to your clients? You might even use FareHabor to easily connect to our dashboards? Or are you currently searching for a strong DMC in Austria? Then you are exactly at the right place. Contact us now to start doing business together!

Why us?

Prime Tours is constantly growing and improving in various business fields every day. Tourism is only the core motivation. However Prime Tours develops more and more into a tech company, with strong competencies in IT, cryptocurrency, worldwide trading and constantly introducing new concepts and solutions for a better, more sustainable, easier and more fun life. If you want to achieve more and are looking for a strong partner, who understands the economic and social changes in this world, you should no longer wait to get in touch with us now!

Become an Affiliate

Do you love to travel and write about your experiences on Instagram, your personal blog or any other digital channel? Do you also have a representable crowd, who loves to constantly stay in touch with you and your stories? Then turn this user traffic into your personal payment. We can implement a booking flow to your website or Instagram in order to constantly pay you for your bookings.

We would invite you to join our popular tours for free in return for a post, an article or a backlink to our website. Simply contact us and enjoy our destinations and service!

Why us?

We understand where tourism is currently evolving.Therefore we can offer experiences for the needs of future customers and are constantly gaining more market share. You can trust our quality for your audience and in exchange, receive good money for your expertees.

You will receive the following benefits:

  • Free to Join
  • 6% Commission per sales
  • up to 10% discount for your audience!
  • easy tracking via promotion code or on page widget
  • feasible for Social Media
  • < 1% Cancellation!
  • Ongoing Promotions & Contests
  • Dedicated In-house Program Management
  • Over 400 weekly bookings

About us

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us"Clemens (Founder)

More about our vision, how we work and the startup story of Prime Tours.

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