General Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions are fundamental part of this booking agreement (booking form), concluded between the LoeX Local Experience GmbH and customers, who are booking a certain travel arrangement. Once the customer complete the booking online, through phone/email or through a third distributer is presumed that he accepts these General Terms and Conditions. The booking the customer makes is obligatory and therefore it is possible for the customer to cancel his booking exclusively according to these General Terms of Conditions. The customer is responsible for all the costs and consequences, which may occur due to incorrect information he has provided when making a booking.

LoeX Local Experience GmbH is a Viennese based company which operates in various business fields. Under the brand “Prime Tours”, the organisation arranges tours and activities with independent licensed guides who are the service providers. As an agency, we provide marketing resources such as umbrellas, recognition features such as the name “Prime Tours” printed on clothing or promotional materials. This brand is a friendly online service established with a goal to provide high quality information and party experiences for foreign visitors in Vienna. The brand “Prime Tours” and the website & well as all its components (programming code, design, photographs, text, etc.) and subpages are intellectual property of creators of the brand and thus protected by copyrights. Any copying, usage or abuse of the brand and/or website and its components is subject to litigation according to local law.

We are committed to do our best to provide current and accurate information on the website However, we cannot be held liable for errors, omissions or results that may be obtained by misuse or misunderstanding of this information. We reserve the right to correct errors as soon as they are brought to our attention and, more generally, to modify, at any time, without notice, all or part of the Website and these Terms and Conditions without any responsibility that may be incurred as a result. The site may contain links to other sites that we do not use. We can in no way be held responsible for the provision of these links to access these sites and external sources, and can not accept any responsibility for the content, advertising, products, services or other materials on or available from these external sites or sources that are neither approved nor verified by our team.

  • The customer agrees with these Terms and Conditions by ordering services from LoeX Local Experience GmbH either over website, email, telephone or by making payment without preorder.

  • Prime Tours offers fun activities during your stay in the city. All the visible Tours and activities on this website are operated by third party providers with the official guiding license in Austria or other European cities. Some services may be combined in tour packages which are presented and can be booked on our website. The price of each tour package includes several services as presented on the website, but you can also order additional services.

  • Usually the pub/bar tours start in late evening hours and go on late into the night. If for any reason you wish to finish the night early, you are not entitled to a refund. All the programs lead by LoeX Local Experience GmbH are usually finished till 3:00 a.m. if not otherwise agreed between the customer and LoeX Local Experience GmbH – depends on the program.

On different nights, some venues are busier than others. Our tour guides will use their local knowledge and experience to take you to the best place that particular night. This might mean that sometimes we will take a different route than advertised on the website. All this is done for the best possible experience of our clients.

In all cases LoeX Local Experience GmbH is working as an intermediary between the customer and the end performer of service. Although our team is devoted to finding and providing only the best services for you, we cannot be held accountable for mistakes, mishaps or negligence made by third persons.

LoeX Local Experience GmbH reserves the right to change or modify tours without notice, including changing or altering venues, routes and prices. In the event of a change, LoeX Local Experience GmbH will endeavour to substitute comparable venues and level of quality, but accepts no liability for changes.

  • All our tour packages can be booked on our website. It is very important that you give us your correct personal information. The booking can be usually amended at a later time for which you will bear no cost. Paying the full price online can complete the booking online. Once you agreed to this terms and conditions the payed amount is non-refundable and serves as a confirmation of your reservation.

  • LoeX Local Experience GmbH reserves the right to cancel or change any of the facilities, services or prices described in the presentations at any time and to substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value without compensation and accepts no liability for loss of enjoyment as a result of these changes.

All changes by the customer to the original booking must be made in writing by email by the person who submitted the booking. Although we will try to accommodate changes and the additional requests, availability cannot be guaranteed.

LoeX Local Experience GmbH reserves the right to cancel a tour in any circumstances but will endeavour to avoid this unless absolutely necessary.

The products/services are non-refundable unless the customer selects a refundable booking rate offered during the booking process. With the refundable rate, customers will receive a full refund or credit if the tour operator cancels the tour due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances or if guests cancel the tour within 48 hours of the start time.

Payment and cancelation conditions for private tours:

  • payment per bank transfer.

  • 20% deposit, upon the service confirmation. Refundable within 72 hours of invoicing.

  • 80% payment 2 weeks before the start of the tour.

  • Cancellation: Up to 2 weeks before the start free of charge. Up to 8-13 days before the start 50% of the cost. Within 7 days before departure the full amount is chargeable.

  • All LoeX Local Experience GmbH participants must be 18 years or older (Only for the pub/bar Tours, Beer Tastings and any other experience where alcohol is consumed). Only official identification will be accepted as proof of age and includes: Passports, driver licenses, proof of age (18 plus) cards, etc. Unacceptable identification includes photocopies, student cards and other non-government issued identification. All customers ensure that they are fit and able to complete the itinerary of the tour and that they are in good physical and mental shape.

LoeX Local Experience GmbH reserves the absolute right to decline a booking at our discretion for any reason and at any time. Clients agree to accept the authority and decisions of our employees, guides and affiliates when on tour with us.

On our pub/bar tours large quantities of alcohol are often consumed. All clients are responsible for their own safety and well-being. We don’t encourage any of our clients to engage in any dangerous activity or to drink excessively. LoeX Local Experience GmbH cannot accept any responsibility if the client drinks too much or engages in dangerous activities and suffers injury, illness, death, loss or damage as a result.

All venues (including bars and clubs), attended during our tours reserve the right to refuse entry or remove participants from venues for any reason including drunk, disorderly, aggressive, abusive or anti-social behaviour. LoeX Local Experience GmbHaccepts no liability in the event of refusal or removal and will not refund money in such an event.

On our offered outdoor tours like any tour with a Escooter or kick bike high risks of bodily harm could occur during the tour by not using the device correctly or any other reason. Prime Tours nor the experience provider will not take any responsibilities of any sort of bodily harm or any other personal damage. Participants are taking part of any Prime Tours on their on risk.

  • It is the responsibility of the Client to be in possession of a valid passport, identification and/or visa permit for the duration of the tour. The client is also fully responsible for his/her personal belongings and luggage during his/her stay. LoeX Local Experience GmbH cannot be held accountable for loses or thefts of these items.

  • By making a booking every customer agrees that LoeX Local Experience GmbH has the right to publish all the photos and videos that were made during the program (the photos and videos could include every customer) in promotional and commercial intentions.

  • LoeX Local Experience GmbH as an activity platform acts only as intermediate on behalf of third party operators, who offer high quality experiences in various locations for ultimate satisfaction of our clients. We want you to leave the city happy and full of new exciting adventures. Our team is devoted to offer unique experiences.

Despite all our efforts we urge you to give us feedback in any form. If the client has a complaint he/she must bring it to the attention of the tour guide right away. That way our team has the chance to rectify the situation upon evaluation of the complaint. Possible amendments to the tour in the interest of satisfaction of a client can be made only if the complaint is presented during the tour. Complaints made at a later time will not be taken into consideration. Should the complaint be presented during the tour and the problem remained unresolved another complaint must be made in writing to LoeX Local Experience GmbH within 5 days of the completion of the tour.

  • LoeX Local Experience GmbH reserves the right to cancel the program at any time if the customer does not obey the instructions of the tour guide and appears likely to endanger the safe and comfortable progress of the tour, that client may be excluded from all or part of the tour. In this case the customer does not have the right to any refund or cover any additional costs incurred by customers as a result.

  • All information submitted by the customer at any time will be kept confidential. However this information will be used for marketing reasons and to help understand the future customer. This personal information is used of communication between customer and organisation and/or for promotional use.

  • All clients are expected to obey local laws and regulations and any failure to do so will relieve LoeX Local Experience GmbH of all obligations that they may otherwise have under these booking conditions. Any damage or losses caused by a client is the responsibility of the client. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid at the time direct to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier. If the client fails to do so, the Client will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against LoeX Local Experience GmbH as a result of the client’s actions.

  • The General Terms and Conditions and the relationship between a customer and LoeX Local Experience GmbH shall be governed by the local laws without regard to its conflict of law provisions. The LoeX Local Experience GmbH is using your personal Data (Name, Email-address, telephone number) only for recontacting you if any question or issue occurs with your booking. Furthermore the data will be used for internal statistic reasons too.

  • Your Email-address could be used to reconfirm your booking, to send you an after tour mail in order to get informations about the tour and it will be used to send you TripAdvisor review requests in order to rate us at

  • By accepting this terms and conditions you agree to all terms. Now further claims can be made after accepting these terms.

  • On request we can give you after proof of your identity all the personal information we stored of you and after reviewing them you have the right to let them deleted.

  • Please note: This is a binding booking, cancellation costs may occur!

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What are cookies and how we use cookies?

We use cookies and similar technologies to enhance your browsing experience on our website, as is common practice among most websites. Cookies are tiny data files that are stored on your browser or device. They can be served by the entity that operates the website you are visiting (known as "first-party cookies"), or by other companies ("third-party cookies"). We work with third-party analytics providers like Google, who set cookies when you visit our websites, helping us to gain insight into how you use our Services so that we can enhance them accordingly. Pixels are small images found on a web page or in an email that collect information about your browser or device and can set cookies. Local storage refers to the storage of data on your browser or device, which includes HTML5 local storage and browser cache. In addition, we use SDKs, which are blocks of code provided by our partners and installed in our mobile applications. These SDKs help us understand how you interact with our mobile applications and collect certain information about the device and network you use to access the application.

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