Where to Explore this Winter Season

updated on April 3rd, 2022
published on December 21st, 2021

Spending winter in Vienna is always good idea!

As restrictions with restaurants and bars are lifted and put in place again during this confusing time in all our lives, it’s important to get out of the house and, as difficult as it sounds, embrace the cold. Take a new look on winter by appreciating the beautiful sites of Vienna.


A favourite spot for any excursion outside of the city limits the 484m highpoint on the fringes of Vienna provides and nice spot for anyone looking for a breath-taking view of the city from above. You can even see Schneeberg, where Vienna gets its fresh water from, on a sunny day.

Some might say that winter is a tough time for this. I couldn’t agree less. Last year I took a stroll with a friend along the hills on the outskirts of the city. A few months before the roads and fields were covered in hungry wine hikers and wine aficionados sitting on benches in the sun.

The very same place is now completely transformed into an eerie scene of a hibernating hillside, and when it snows the blankets of white stay longer than in the city and do not transform into a brown sludge after a couple of days.


One of the most important stops in the city centre of Vienna is Stephansplatz. Not only does this mark the official centre of the Austrian Capital but it has a place in the hearts and history of the people of the city that is not forgotten and always present. Most important for visitors to the city are its proximity to the U-Bahn, both for changing lines and for accessing so much of the city that is within walking distance.

Whether it’s buying something warm from a street vendor or simply sitting inside the church to get warm, there’s no doubt that the cathedral makes a good Homebase for anyone wanting to escape the noise and cold for a moment. All you must do is to pretend to pray


If anyone wants to step in the shoes of the old Habsburgs, without the political intrigue and the questionable choice to intermarry within your own family, then Gloriette is the best bet.

All the way past and through Schönbrunn Palace and up the hill you will find the viewpoint from where you can overlook a decent portion of the city from above rooftop level. To stand atop the lavish white and gold arches and look out over the city does give you a sense of royal authority.

It’s also fun to play guess the church, as you set a gaze upon the countless church spires and try and guess where Saint Stephans Cathedral is. A must see with anyone with royal or scenic ambitions.


When the sun sets upon the pale green dome of the Karlskirche its hard to argue that this is a little slice of beauty that Vienna can offer to a weary, cold, and hungry wanderer. Luckily, there’s a delicious food place nearby, Gorilla Kitchen, serving fat and thick Burritos right around the corner.

A place where friends meet, and in lockdown situations where they drink, it’s a perfect spot to watch people and listen to the sounds of teenagers, families or general businesspeople talking, laughing, and sharing a beer or two.

The fountain in winter is drained to avoid any ice forming and causing someone to slip, but one can sit on the edge with a hot drink and even reflect and read if the cold isn’t too strong.

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