The First Free Walking Tour in Vienna

You may ask why the first free walking tour was operated in 2016 and not before?

Vienna is a big European City with a lot of regulations and laws. One regulation cares about guiding tourists around in Vienna.

Prime Tours was the first company in Vienna which made the next step into a new alternative way to show people around this great city. You need to have a license which takes you over 2,5 years and costs about 4000€ and only after that you are official allowed to guide people around, doesn’t matter if Free Tours or Private Tours as long you talk about the Viennese history, World War 2, Hitler or any famous building you need the license.

You can image not a lot of hip students can afford this and the people who can are almost retired, but Prime Tours didn’t give up and made the impossible possible and organized in March 2016 the First Free Walking Tour in Vienna, short after that followed the Kick Bike Tour Vienna and the Down Hill Tour to the Wachau Valley plus wine tasting.


This year we launched the Free Alternative Tour and the Street Art Tour Vienna. So we can proudly announce that we organized by now more than five tours in Vienna per day and show our perspective of Vienna to over 20.000 tourists every year.

This was only possible with the help of our lovely guest, a shit load of motivation and the passion to tourism and Vienna.

You can feel this attitude in every our tours!

We do that because we love travelling, high quality tours and fun stories!


Prime Tours


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