Vienna Fashion

Vienna’s Clean And Fair Fashion Sense

Vienna tops the list of the World’s Greenest Cities. Resonance Consultancy judged Vienna to be the most ecologically friendly in 2020 because of its abundance of green spaces and its commitment to adopting earth-friendly practices in city planning, to name just a couple. Lovers of the environment will find that Vienna is the perfect place to be. Aside from the vast spaces of greenery, tourists and visitors find that there are a number of sustainable accommodations to choose from and they can tour the city using green transport. Fashionista travelers will discover that it isn’t difficult to find eco-friendly shops, hair salons, and cosmetics boutiques.

Stylishly Going Green

Naturally, citizens of a city that’s committed to saving the planet will have a growing appreciation for sustainability and ethics in the world of fashion. Vienna joined the Fashion Revolution Movement in its third year to cooperate in making changes in the industry. The number of entrepreneurs that are creating brands that are ecological and fair is steadily increasing. A quick Google search of “sustainable fashion in Vienna” will give you numerous lists of shops that are green and ethical. These shops can satisfy any look — be it chic and smart, elegant and stylish, or edgy and contemporary punk

Viennese Fashion Scene

Vienna has long been known for its classical music, art, and architecture. It’s no surprise that generally, Viennese tend to wear classic and understated styles. This is not to say that they aren’t hip and trendy. While Vienna hasn’t been reputed to be a leading city in fashion, Mariahilfer Strasse is widely known as the shopping street. Anything that’s sophisticated, modern, or dynamic can be found here. Aside from being a paradise for vegan foodies and vintage lovers, this is where you can find concept and fashion stores — most of which are independent brands that produce sustainable and ethical articles.

Following Vienna’s Lead

There’s no harm in wanting to feel and look stylish. Just like the Viennese forward-thinking fashion entrepreneurs and customers, you need to be conscious about how the clothes are made, where they’re from, and who made them. You would want to support brands that practice fair trade, give decent pay and safe working conditions to employees, use natural and organic materials, and utilize sustainable packaging. You will feel guilt-free when you shop from enterprises that minimize waste and make the most of resources.
Supporting these brands is not the only way to indulge in fashion. Vienna’s millennials are taking pride in showing off pre-owned and vintage clothing finds. Practice the 30 wears test. Every time you see something you want to buy, ask yourself “Am I going to wear this 30 times?” Instead of purchasing one statement piece, go for something that’s versatile that you can wear over and over on different occasions. Rental fashion is another clean option that’s starting to make a wave in Vienna. Look after your clothes so that they last longer. If there are tears or rips, try mending them or take them to a professional for repair.
The fashion industry has never seemed to be environmental-conscious, but the hard truths of global warming, lack of resources, and inhumane working conditions have propelled the industry to be more conscious of sustainability and ethics. Keeping yourself informed will help you balance your love for fashion with these values of stylishly going green and fair.