Floating Dinner Vienna: Culinary experience on the Old Danube

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205€ per group

For a truly exceptional experience, book an E-boat for your Floating Dinner Vienna and savor the finest Austrian cuisine while cruising on the Old Danube. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a glass of wine and short instructions before embarking on a serene and intimate culinary journey. As you sail, take in the stunning views of Vienna’s skyline and enjoy the finest local delicacies, perfectly paired with typical Austrian wines. The romantic atmosphere is best enjoyed from the water, making this a must-do experience for couples looking for a romantic evening in Vienna.

  • Scenic beauty of Vienna
  • Unique floating dinner experience
  • Exquisite Austrian cuisine
  • Romantic and intimate setting
  • Easy-to-navigate boats
Meeting point
Laberlweg 19, 1220 Vienna

The easiest way to reach is by public transport. Please follow the google map link.

  • Boat rental
  • Food & Wine
  • One course meal
  • 60 min rental time
  • Crew on board
  • Caution

Welcome to Vienna, the city of music and culture, and a place where you can experience a truly unique and unforgettable culinary adventure. Join us for an exceptional Floating Dinner Vienna, and indulge in the exquisite cuisine of this magnificent city while cruising on the Old Danube.

As you arrive at the boat rental, you’ll be welcomed on board an elegant E-boat, where you’ll be seated comfortably and greeted with a refreshing glass of wine. Your adventure will take you on a beautiful and relaxing cruise on the Old Danube, where you’ll enjoy a delicious culinary experience in a serene and intimate setting.

As you set sail, the stunning Vienna skyline will slowly come into view, and you’ll be able to take in the beauty of the city from a unique perspective. The boat will glide smoothly over the water, while you relax and unwind, and take in the breathtaking sunset views. The romantic atmosphere of Vienna is best enjoyed from the water, where you’ll experience a truly unique and unforgettable dinner experience.

During the cruise, you’ll be taken on a culinary journey, where you’ll indulge in the finest local delicacies and the best of Austrian cuisine. To complement the exquisite food, you’ll also taste typical Austrian wine.

As the night falls, the water will be lit up with warm, inviting lights, that will create a romantic and unforgettable atmosphere. The Floating Dinner Vienna is the perfect choice for couples looking for a romantic experience in Vienna, as it provides an ideal setting for an intimate dinner that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

After a delightful evening of food, wine, and scenic beauty, you’ll be taken back to the boat rental, where you’ll disembark feeling satisfied and relaxed. The Floating Dinner Vienna is a unique experience that offers a perfect mix of culinary delight and romance and is a must-do when in Vienna.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a truly unique culinary experience, with stunning views and a romantic atmosphere, the Floating Dinner Vienna is the perfect choice for you. Whether you’re a food lover, a wine connoisseur, or a couple looking for a romantic evening in Vienna, this culinary adventure is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. So, book your time slot now, and prepare for a culinary journey that you’ll never forget.

Fun & easy to navigate

Boats are extremely easy to drive: with joystick control, easy access, and even wheelchairfriendly options. Departing and landing is made easy by the innovative control system. Once you’ve found a nice spot, simply drop the anchor that is on board. Entry aids make it easy to take a little trip into the cool waters. At the dock you can take a water map, with best spots of the area.


The menu will be prepared fresh at the dock and served before the cruise. The dinner includes a main course meal, either Viennese schnitzel or a vegetarian option, and one bottle of red or white wine. If you have any other special requests, please add them to the comments section when booking.

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  • 205€ per group
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