Craft Beer Tasting Vienna

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46€ per adult

Join us for an unforgettable beer tasting experience in Vienna – one of the top beer drinking countries in the world! Discover the rich traditions of Austria’s beloved beverage as we explore the fascinating brewing process and learn about the many different beer types that Austria has to offer.

  • Enjoy the unique vibes of the Gleis//Garten
  • Discover how to taste a beer like a pro
  • Get to know the brewing process
  • 4 beers accompanied by local snacks to taste
  • Learn about fun facts about one of the most popular drinks on the world
Meeting point
Gleis//Garten, Eichenstraße 2, 1120 Wien

After arriving at Gleis//Garten go at the very end of the location to the brewery. Our guide will be waiting for you in a yellow Prime Tours T-shirt and a big big smile :) In case you need help, ask one of the brewery staff members.

  • 4 different beer sorts
  • Local snacks
  • Local beer expert
  • Tip for the guide

Welcome to our Craft Beer Tasting Vienna experience, hosted at the scenic Gleis//Garten. This event is a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary beer culture, offering a journey through the fascinating world of craft beers.

A unique tasting experience

Moreover, our event is not just about tasting; it’s an exploration of the rich traditions and innovative approaches that define Austria’s craft beer scene. Consequently, you’ll sample a selection of beers, each with a unique flavor profile, in one of the most inviting venues in Vienna.

Brewing process- Behind the scenes

Furthermore, curious about how beer is made? Our sessions will cover the essentials of the brewing process, from the selection of hops to the fermentation that gives beer its distinct taste. Indeed, this is your chance to learn about the craft from grain to glass.

Soon you will have the Beer tasting including- visiting the brewery also available!

4 Beers and some delicious local street food tasting

Additionally, every beer adventure is even better with tasty bites! To ensure you enjoy the journey and stay perfectly cheerful, we offer a curated snack plate. This selection is designed to complement the craft beer tasting, adding to the overall delightful experience.

Engage and enjoy

Most importantly, we believe learning about beer should be as enjoyable as drinking it. That’s why we’ve included interactive elements like quizzes and discussion opportunities, alongside a personalized beer tasting sheet for you to record your impressions.

Book your craft beer tasting spot now!

Finally, explore the exciting world of craft beer and guarantee yourself a fantastic evening in Vienna with our craft beer tasting at Gleis//Garten. This event is where beer enjoyment, education, and fun meet. Reserve your spot today for a memorable experience of craft beer exploration in the lively heart of Vienna.

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    46€ per adult
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    59€ per adult
Attractions and sights
Some of the spots you are going to see:
Gleis// Garten

Gleis//Garten in Vienna's 12th district repurposes an old Badner Bahn depot into the city's inaugural Food Hall, integrating a small beer brewery within its culinary "laboratory" to offer a mix of diverse, small-portion dishes under one roof, nurturing gastronomy innovation.

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(Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Changes to the visited spots may be made during the tour, depending on group size, preferences and weather conditions)
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Wheelchair accessible
24h fully refundable
2-10 people
Customer reviews
Marta Soellinger

I'm not too keen on organised tours (and I work in the tourism sector LOL) but I definitely recommend this activity. Phillip, the guide, was very passionate, knowledgeable about beers and did a splendid job (even if the group was a little difficult). Great experience all round!

Read review on Tripadvisor

Anna did a superb job! Listening to and getting information about the different beers through the various processes felt like they were given by a knowledgeable friend. Conversation was engaging, as well! Highly recommended tour, if you are wanting to learn about beer and the Vienna craft beer scene. Even learned a new funny Bavarian style toast that cracked up a few friends. Thanks so much for a great memory of my stay in Vienna!

Read review on Tripadvisor

Beer lovers will enjoy this. Fun little tour. Just sit down, try beer and talk with the host. Good times.

Read review on Tripadvisor
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