Wine Tasting Vienna: Taste Austrian Wines in the center of Vienna

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Experience the unique flavors and cultural heritage of Vienna’s wine scene with our wine tasting experience. As one of the oldest wine-producing cities in the world, Vienna offers a rich history of wine production dating back to the Roman Empire. Our knowledgeable sommelier will guide you through a selection of Viennese wines, carefully chosen to showcase the unique flavors and characteristics of the region.

  • Introduction to the world of wines
  • Expand your knowledge around wine tasting
  • Learn more about the only capital city that grows its own wine
  • Taste 4 different sorts of wine
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Lange Gasse 13, 1080 Vienna

When you arrive at the Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design, please register at the reception and the wine tasting can already start.

  • Tasting of 4 different Viennese wines
  • Wine expert
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Viennas Wine History

Vienna has a long and rich history of wine production dating back to the Roman Empire. Today, the city is home to around 630 hectares of vineyards, producing over 2.4 million liters of wine annually. The city’s vineyards are primarily located in the hills surrounding Vienna. Such as the Nussberg, Bisamberg, and Kahlenberg, which provide the ideal microclimate for growing grapes. At the Wine Tasting Vienna you have the opportunity to try a few of them.

Tpical Viennese Wine

Vienna is particularly known for its white wine: With Grüner Veltliner being the most popular grape variety. However, the city also produces red wines, such as Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch. The wine scene in Vienna is characterized by small, family-owned vineyards. Which produce highquality wines that are not widely available outside of Austria.

Wine Tasting Vienna

At the wine tasting in Vienna, you can expect to try a selection of carefully chosen Viennese wines. These showcase the unique flavors and characteristics of the region. You’ll learn about the different grape varieties grown in Vienna, along with the history and culture of Viennese wine production. Moreover, a knowledgeable sommelier will guide you through each wine, providing insight into the winemaking process and tasting notes.

With our expert staff, stunning location, and exceptional wines, you can expect a unique tasting experience in Vienna. By taking the opportunity to taste and learn about Viennese wines, you’ll be introduced to the distinct flavors and cultural heritage of this vibrant city. Whether you are a wine aficionado or simply looking for a fun and educational experience, you will leave with a greater appreciation for the art of winemaking and the taste of Vienna’s wines.

To enhance the experience, we will also offer small snacks that pair well with the wines, such as cheese, bread, and charcuterie. After the tasting, you can choose to stay in the hotel’s restaurant to continue enjoying the wines you’ve tasted. Alternatively, you may wish to explore the local area and discover more about Vienna’s wine scene. For those who choose to stay, we offer a selection of additional wines along with a variety of tasty snacks and appetizers to complement the wine.

Overall, our wine tasting experience in the center of Vienna will be a unique and memorable way for you to explore the city’s wine scene and learn about the local culture.

Join us now and discover Viennese wines.

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