Spooky Vienna Tour: The ghost tour

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34€ per adult

Vienna is a city shrouded in secrets and dark legends, earning it the nickname “Spooky Vienna.” Despite its magnificent buildings and luxurious lifestyle, the city’s shiny facades merely scratch the surface of a sinister underworld. Behind the scenes, mysterious places and eerie stories hide, haunting the city and urging visitors to forget them if they dare to learn of their existence.

  • Discover creepy stories from Vienna's history
  • Learn more about the legendary massacre of the Templars
  • Uncover the secret of the greatest female mass murderer in history
  • Get to the bottom of the tragic fate of Vienna's only witch
  • Explore the background of Vienna's legendary vampire princess
  • Investigate the demonic and devilish symbolism on the exterior facade of St. Stephen's Cathedral
Meeting point
Stephansplatz 5, 1010 Vienna

When you arrive at the meeting point, watch out for a yellow PRIME TOURS umbrella. Your guide will wait on your in front of the house with the address Stephansplatz 5, 1010 Vienna

  • 2 hours of fear
  • 2 hours of fun
  • Food and Drinks
  • Tip for the guide

Spooky Vienna

The Spooky Vienna is a city full of secrets and dark legends. It’s a place where the shiny facades only represent the surface of a dark underworld. While tourists admire the magnificent buildings and luxurious lifestyle, mysterious places and eerie stories lurk behind the scenes that should better be forgotten. On the ghost tour vienna you get the opportunity to explore exactly this.

However, for those brave enough to venture to the dark side of the city, there is a unique opportunity to experience the horrors of the past up close. The downtown tour takes visitors through the dark alleys of the vienna, where they are confronted with ghosts and demons that rise from the past. For thill-seekers the spooky vienna tour is a must.

The tour guarantees goosebumps as it leads through streets and squares where witches burned and vampires roamed. Meanwhile, visitors learn about the city’s dark stories. Expect eerie encounters with the living dead and fatal curses haunting to this day.

This tour caters to the brave at heart. It’s perfect for those who embrace the eerie and the unknown. However, the faint-hearted should avoid it, as it delves deep into the city’s dark past. You will encounter chilling tales and haunted sites that reveal Vienna’s shadowy history.

If you are willing to face your fears, Spooky Vienna offers an unforgettable and unique experience. The tour’s creepy details, from ghostly apparitions to tales of long-forgotten curses, will linger in your mind long after it ends. Ultimately, this tour lets you explore Vienna’s dark side, making it a must for thrill-seekers.

Do you dare?

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    34€ per adult
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  • 14,99€ per child
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Wheelchair accessible
24h fully refundable
5-20 people
Customer reviews

I took a nice October night walk with Stefan on this spooky Tour. I can tell that I am fascinated with amazing stories, legends, and really scary sh*t that was to experience here. Stefan is a great guide, but also a great performer. One could ask if he made a pact with the devil? :)

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Andrea G

Tour with Stefan, not exactly the usual boring type of guide!! Instead, he is a real actor, he is able to gain people's attention for the whole trip using his great sense of humor, his storytelling ability, but also his body language. The tour itself is interesting and totally worth it!

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