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Street Art in Vienna is accepted…and not, loved…and not, admired…and not. But everyone must admit…

Published:July 28, 2023
Last updated:July 28, 2023

Short introduction in the Viennese street art scene

When we say Vienna, we think of the city of the Emperor, known for its palaces, we think of beautiful gardens Belvedere and Schönbrunn, we think on Squares surrounded with the wide Ring street and all architectural wonders around the Austrian capital. When we think about Vienna our mind is automatically connected with Culture and Arts, which has been developing here over the centuries. When we think about Vienna, we think about the beautiful Albertina Gallery or the Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien), in our mind come “The Kiss” or “Lady in Gold” by Klimt. When we think about Vienna, Art takes first place in our minds.

And under all those mentions, down there, there is a scene growing. The scene, barely recognized as an Art, an Art that can be connected to Vienna, that can be referred to as this Imperial city. This Scene is developing fast, taking the walls of Vienna, taking attention of people, step by step establishing its name in Viennese culture, making a point and saying “I am here”, just like on its beginning when someone took the father’s spray from the garage and with the first drops of color started the Street Art, not knowing at that moment how far it’ll go. Street Art in Vienna is accepted…and not, loved…and not, admired…and not. But everyone must admit, it’s a part of Vienna and perfectly goes with it. In our focus at the moment is the Danube channel, the place where everything has started.

One part of the Danube river, the artery of Europe, is passing through the heart of Vienna and over the time has witnessed the rising of Street Art on its shores. Danube channel in Vienna is the European biggest open gallery with numerous street art pieces. One can see everything there, from a simple “tags” of a local rising star King to the beautiful masterpieces of the Viennese TS90 crew. An exact number of works is not measurable, because the channel is vibrating, always changing and providing us something new. Street Art scene is growing and glowing, giving us the right to look, think and make our own experience. Artists compete between themselves, challenging each other and at the same time challenging us to follow their work and explore their secrets. One day we can see a new piece, tomorrow it could be gone. On the channel there are and there aren’t any rules.

At Prime Tours, we admire Street Art and we are happy to offer and share our experience with others. One of our goals is to present the Street Art scene in various ways, starting with a simple walk and talk on the Danube channel or making a cruise and discuss street art pieces from the boat. Whichever option one chooses, he/she will be taken into the world of Street Art scene, which is so different from casual Vienna and also in some way suits the city perfectly.

Dear reader, join us at our weekly adventures through the world of Viennese street art. On the ground or the water, choose your way of creating one unforgettable experience that will open your ”Street Art sense” and after that, every place you visit will vibrate differently, opening its street art secrets for you.

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