Springtime in Vienna: Top 3 parks to visit this season

Park in Vienna with its blossomy trees.

Published:July 28, 2023
Last updated:July 28, 2023

At last winter is over and its slowly getting warmer. As the trees begin to bear fruit again and the flowers turn from bud to blossom its hard not to feel some shift in the general way of things. Just as winter feels like it lasts forever so does summer feel as though it lasts only a moment. This is why Spring can sometimes feel to some as a blessing and a reminder of how fast the leaves will soon change and fall again. The weather in March and April are often unpredictable in Vienna: with hail, rain, snow, and sun all making an appearance in one afternoon. When the sun is out you must grab it with both hands to fully be prepared to catch up on valuable vitamin D. Here are the best pieces of advice about what to do and where to go this springtime in Vienna.

Sentagaya Park

A seemingly obvious start to the list but a good way to see the change in Vienna’s environment is by simply going into a little bit of nature somewhere and watching the greenery come into its own. Famously the Japanese styled park, Sentagaya Park, designed by gardener Ken Nakajima, is a symbol of cultural exchange and cooperation between Vienna’s 19th district, Dobling, and Sentagaya, a suburb in Tokyo. Closed for the winter months the garden attracts Viennese and tourist alike to watch the blossom of its beautiful traditional Japanese plants: such as Japanese maple, ornamental cherry trees and moor bedding plants such as azaleas.

According to Nakajima the purpose of the park is so that, “people should observe this work of art in tranquillity and try to find their own inner peace.” Its no surprise then that many people flock to this spot on a sunny weekend – making it a little bit of an Instagram hub or sorts.

Pötzleinsdorfer Schloßpark

Accessible via the 41 tram from WahringerStrasse on the U6 metro line Pötzleinsdorfer might seem at first a little strange to the newcomer. Hardly any of my friends who live in Vienna has ever visited and its usually too far out and obscure for the average tourist to know. However, the park itself is a beautiful mix of scenic views and beautiful blossom, not to mention a strong smell from the wild garlic that grows there.

Along the pathway of the park the way is lined with Greco-Roman style statues which at fist appear to be quite out of place. These are old remnants from the Ringtheater which stood in the 1st district of Vienna before a fire in 1881 burnt the building killing 386 people. The statues that line the path today are what was saved from the burnt building, where they once stood on the façade (attic).

A brief walk uphill finds you stumbling upon the Schafbergwiese. Whilst technically outside of the park its attachment to the area is undeniable. When you find yourself in this place you stand among blossoms of cherry and almond trees high above the city overlooking the church spires and apartment buildings.


Although quite close to Pötzleinsdorfer, in fact only a few stops separate them on the 41 tram, Türkenschanzpark has a completely unique design to it. Hills are interspersed with meadows, and meandering paths invite the visitor to take a stroll. Türkenschanzpark is known for its interesting, rare botanical plants, which are extremely picturesque features in the undulating landscape. The unusual makeup of the landscape is another of the park’s appealing features.

During the day it allows a wide-open green space for an ideal picnic spot with friends and family, at night it can offer a perfect place to go drinking with friends or to take a nice stroll. Even in winter is can provide a good place for kids to sled down the slopes of the park. The botanical diversity is more in its large trees and lakes than its blooming flowers, but even if you leave the park the surrounding town houses and traditional lavish homes are scenic to walk and gaze through.

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