by Briana Hilton

3 must-try classic Viennese dishes

updated on April 3rd, 2022
published on March 31st, 2022

Our tipps for delicious dishes in Vienna!

2019 was a record-breaking year for tourism in Austria’s capital city of Vienna, and along with the music, art, and scenery, many who visit also look forward to sampling the classic Viennese cuisine. Whether you’re planning a future trip to the city or you simply wish to bring the city to your own kitchen by recreating some classics at home, there are a number of worthy dishes to take note of. From savory to sweet, here are just a few notable ones worth trying.

Tafelspitz: tender, boiled beef

Much of the Viennese cuisine is known to be focused particularly on meat, as is the case with the well known wiener schnitzel and the classic dish known as tafelspitz. Tafelspitz is a popular, well-known Viennese food that consists of boiled beef, and is considered a must-try for those who visit. Boiled with root vegetables, the result is a clear broth and tender meat that is traditionally served and eaten in separate courses — the broth is served first as a soup, and the beef follows, generally served with vegetables (such as carrots and potatoes), along with a unique apple horseradish.

Knӧdel: a vegetarian option

While many Viennese dishes do tend to revolve around meat — such as sausage or beef — there are also several options that cater to those who prefer vegetarian food. For example, knӧdel — which is a large dumpling that can be filled with a variety of things such as apricot or spinach — is a popular dish in Vienna. This not only brings a vegetarian option to the table for those who have dietary restrictions; it’s also a healthy option to try out on your travels. In fact, healthy foods like green vegetables are known to contribute to a healthy immune system in several ways, with one study published in the journal Cell Press even showing that green veggies produce a chemical sign necessary to the immune system, enabling it to function well.

Apfelstrudel: the perfect dessert

For those who crave something a bit sweeter, apfelstrudel is considered to be a classic that can’t be beaten. Consisting of a flaky pastry complete with a tasty apple filling, this traditional apple strudel dessert is considered to be a famous dish in the city — and for good reason. Perfect for eating as an afternoon snack, dessert, or even breakfast, this versatile treat can be paired well with a beverage such as Viennese coffee. Luckily, apfelstrudel can be found in a number of different places throughout the city, with one of them being a coffee house known as Cafe Central, which happens to be especially popular among tourists.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Vienna or you simply want to bring the city to your kitchen, there are a number of classic dishes that are worth trying. From sweet, apple-flavored classics to hearty beef dishes, you can never go wrong with Viennese cuisine.

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